Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family blog. This may be your first visit here, or you may be a friend from across the globe, or family that we have just seen. Who ever you may be, thanks for taking the time to read about our little family, and all we are learning on this adventure the Lord has called us to live! Here you will find, the random thoughts, funny stories, prayer requests, and the journey our family and Jack is on with his battle with Leukemia.


When we signed up to be part of the Arlington Church Plant, I had no idea that there might be a few little perks along the way! One of those "perks" we got to experience happened this past Tuesday night, when we got to go on a tour of the West Wing of the White House. This was a perk- because it was organized by a gentleman who is on the church plant team, Josh Deckerd, who also used to be the Assistant Press Secretary. It was amazing!

We took the metro down and met up a the gates, waiting our turn to go through security. We were only allowed to take photographs outside the grounds, and in the Press Room of the West Wing. We did get to see the Oval Office though!

I did trespass at one point... I did not see, or just walked right past a "do not cross this line" sign and headed straight to the Residence.... so I am lucky I did not get yelled at or anything!

Here are some of the pictures I took!

When we signed up to be part of the Arlington Church Plant, I had no idea that there might be a

News for the New Year

Happy New Year to anyone out there that still reads this neglected blog! I know that there are a few of you out there, as I have been getting gently prodded over the past few weeks to write an update on what is going on with us and to post more pictures from a few of you!

I have sat down and begun to compose an update on this blog many times, only to delete it all, or to just sit at a blank screen without words to adequately communicate what is going on in my heart and in our lives. Most of our friends know the "Big" update- (nope not a baby) and so this isn't really news at all... but I have yet to write about it, and somehow, I guess that would make it even more official than it already is....

We decided back in September that we felt called to join our friend and pastor, Eric Simmons, on a church plant in Arlington VA. This decision was NOT an easy one to come to for both Jordan and I. The journey to making this decision was filled with much prayer, much seeking counsel, and many many many talks! Jordan and I had never thought we would go on a church plant. We had always wanted to stay in Montgomery County, at Covenant Life Church, and live our lives where our closest friends and family were. We loved the life we lived, the ways we were serving in the church, and the relationships we had. We have a rich life.

But when the question came from Eric, if we would consider going with him... well it kind of turned things upside down. We started to ask ourselves if we were too comfortable where we were in the church. Were we serving enough? Had we ever sacrificed anything for the the sake of the gospel going forward? Do we have faith to leave what we know and step out into the unknown? What was God calling us to as a family? You know.. just a few of the many questions that filled our thoughts and hearts!

So we decided. I would like to say it was that easy. But as I said before, this only came after a lot of discussions and prayer. One of the most amazing parts of making the choice, was that almost immediately after we had decided and communicated this to Eric and those helping us decide, Faith Came Abundantly. I mean, I was filled with faith, ready to pack and go right then and there.

And that faith to go has not lessened one bit. In fact, it grows steadily. I am amazed at the grace of God in that. There were moments when making the decision, when I was so unsure if I had faith to raise my kids in the city, or if I had faith to lay down my dreams for a big house in the country (one day) for a small house in a crowded neighborhood, or if I had faith to leave my friends and family and start new. There are times when those same questions can fill my mind, and I am not without the temptation to fear.

Yet there is faith again. Like the unmoving and unchanging character of God, it holds me fast to what I know He has called us to. It thrills me to know that God has planned our steps, has ordained this whole adventure we are about to dive into. The fact that I know he has a home for us in VA, and will provide it for us when the time is right, amazes me. The fact that he has been preparing hearts in Arlington to hear the gospel and for us to meet and reach out to, is just humbling! We get to be a part of the gospel going out in a big way. Even thinking about it now, makes me so grateful to God for His saving me from a life of sin, so that one day, I could be part of something like this.

So where does that leave us now?? What is the time-line for us to go? The exact dates, I am unsure of, but I think the send off is going to be in the spring. When are we moving? I wish I knew! We are currently trying to rent out our townhouse (as it would be foolish to try and sell it now) and we will be moving in with Jordan's parents until the time is right to move to VA. If anyone out there knows of anyone looking for a place to rent, we have a nice one!

And so, we do not know all the Lord has in store for this year. I am glad for that. It gives me more room for more faith to abound, and He leads us. We are very excited to be part of the mission of the church, and are excited to make Arlington our new home. Although we are saddened to think about leaving CLC and all the love and care we receive there, we are so happy to be going on this plant.

And so I leave you with some pictures of my boys from the other nights bath!

Tyler's Birthday Party

We had a little party for Tyler's 3rd birthday this year. I gathered from all the resources I had to make it a little playground in the basement of Mimi and Pop-pops house! Thanks to some generous friends and family to let us borrow two ball pits, tunnels, balloons, a tent and a climbing thing... it was full of fun things for the kids to play with!

I wanted to make him a cake, but had no idea what he wanted. Everytime I asked him he just said he wanted chocolate... so I looked online for a "cool cake" idea and found the idea for a frog... which was super easy and turned out pretty close to what the site had on it. It tasted good too! And most important, Tyler loved it!

Tyler seemed to enjoy himself, and it was as low key as I can do (I can tend to want to over-do events!). He was really blessed to play with some buddies and just be a boy. He had been talking about his birthday party for months (literally). Here are some shot from the party! I cannot believe he is 3! How the time flies!