Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family blog. This may be your first visit here, or you may be a friend from across the globe, or family that we have just seen. Who ever you may be, thanks for taking the time to read about our little family, and all we are learning on this adventure the Lord has called us to live! Here you will find, the random thoughts, funny stories, prayer requests, and the journey our family and Jack is on with his battle with Leukemia.

A week already!!!!

Hard to believe a week ago we were at the hospital having this little baby! Goad has been so kind to us this week, as we have begun to make the adjustment from one child to two. I have been snapping away, trying to capture sweet moments.... a friend of mine said to me, "New life is so amazing isn't it?" I couldn't agree more!

Special visit from Hemi and Siena!

Lots of time spent in mommy and daddy's arms... I love this stage when they are just a big ball of baby!

First bath at home. He didn't like it too much, until I washed his hair!

Daddy reading to his two boys...

Notice Tyler's concerned look... he still doesn't know what to make of Jack's little cry.

Shaggy, pre-hair cut!!! I didn't realize how long it had gotten until I saw this picture!

Pre- cry face...
Sweet little angle baby...

My parents came for a visit...

Tyler seems so massive to me now. Every time I change his diaper, I think, man... he is too big to be wearing diapers!!! What seemed so little to me a week ago, is just so big! But he sure is one cute little big boy!

We are having fun getting to know our new little one, and experiencing so much grace. I am recovering so well, and could not ask for a better baby. He has put himself on a schedule, without much work on my part, and Tyler seems to be adjusting well. By God's grace, I am also doing better than I expected on just a few hours sleep!!! God is so good!

A boy named Jack

Wow, so where to begin.... so this is our son Jackson Chase... isn't he cute?

So, we took a lot of photos of the day/weekend... Here is the day in a nutshell.. with photos to capture what it was all like! We called the hospital at 8 am to make sure they had a room for me, and were given the green light to come! Tyler was already at my parents house- we left him there the night before. We realized we needed to drop off a movie at Blockbuster, and grab something to eat, so by the time we got to the hospital, it was 9:30... ooopps!

We got the last room open too! We got checked in, waited in the waiting room for a little, and finally got taken to our room, by the best nurse Karen. Room #3! So they hooked me up to the heartbeat monitor, and contraction monitor. Our room seemed to be missing a lot of supplies, so getting everything in place took a while. We also had a broken contraction monitor, so after 45 minutes of them recording nothing, we got one that worked! At this point it was almost 11.

Once the monitor was in place, my contractions (which I had been having irregularly for a while) were 7 minutes apart. The nurse informed the Dr. and they finally began the Pitocin at 12:10 pm. That is when they say "labor" officially began. I was 3 cm and 70% at this point. So we waited for it to kick in, hung around, and waited.... around 2 pm, things picked up. My contractions were about 5 minutes apart. Dr. Apgar's wife, who is also an OBGYN, was on and came in and broke my water around 2:30. I was also 4 cm and still 70%. About an hour later, my contractions were 1-2 minutes apart and had gotten really strong. Jordan lovingly told me it was time to get the epidural... and by that point, I agreed!
I got the epidural between contractions at 3:40 pm. It was great at first, but then something wasn't quite working, and I began to have major back pain and severe contractions. They called in another anesthesiologist, who discovered that my tubing had a kink in it somewhere under all the tape on my back... so finally after a hard hour, my epidural was working great! Pain free by 4:30! But then, I got the shakes real bad... which was kind of funny. My hands would just start shaking, like I had been outside in the cold for hours!

So the next 30 minutes passed, and the shakes kind of passed... and the nurse came in to check my progress, and was shocked to find that I was 100% effaced... she said she thought that I would progress very quickly at that point... if only my Dr. had listened to her!

Yep- that is me at 10 cm!!! I started feeling a ton of pressure soon after the nurse checked me at 5pm. Each contraction I had, the pressure grew tremendously. So when we told the nurse at 5:30, and she checked me again, I was at 10 cm and the baby was at 0 station... She had me do a round of pushes, to see how things would go, and he descended to +2 station... she made me stop because we were ready to go! Except, the Dr. was still at home in Damascus with his 18 month old daughter!

The nurse told the Dr. Apgar (the Mrs. 9of my OB) and she called Dr. Apgar (my OB) to get in the car now! It wasn't until 6:12 that he walked in! I tell you, that 45 minutes was agonizing! Everything in me wanted to push that baby out! Jordan had to coach me through each contraction again, to keep me from pushing! Once the Dr. got there, it was pushing time. Almost 20 minutes later he was out! He weighed 8lbs 2 ounces, and was 21.5 inches long. Yep, we have big babies!

But what would a delivery of mine be, without some minor complications?? The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. So once his head was out, I had to stop again, while the Dr. cut it. He was quite blue in the face when he came out...

So everyone thinks he looked so much like Jordan when he was born. These are both taken moments after delivery...

Unlike Tyler's birth, I was able to hold and nurse Jack right away. It was an answer to my prayers. God was so faithful to me!

Some new things they are doing at Shady Grove, is washing the baby in the L&D room with the mom there. They do not have a nursery anymore, so the baby stays with the mom pretty much the whole time. It was certainly different than with Tyler, who spent most of the time in the NICU. So this was his first bath...

At last, we made it to our new beautiful, private room... quiet and calm...

The next day we had several special visitors... my first big boy...

Grandma and Grandpa came... Tyler gave some kisses...

Girlie, Ethan and Megan came. They brought us gifts and were so cute holding Jack...

Baby Shrek was from Uncle Kerrin... he thought Jack and Baby Shrek looked a lot alike...

My Abba came...
Sister Shelly... the proud aunt...

Judy- my abba's wife...

Bob, Julie and Kenzi came too, but I didn't get to take any pictures! Sunday morning, we were ready to go! I didn't sleep much the two nights there, so we were eager to get home. Once we got the boy in his car seat, cleared to go, it was a sigh of relief that we could leave, we headed home! Good-bye wonderful private room.... I enjoyed the blessing it was very much!

Ready to go at last!

This was just such a sweet moment for me... we had to leave Tyler in the NICU for three days after I had been discharged... so it was just so happy a moment to be able to walk out the door with my baby!

Home at last!
On a conclusion note, my recovery has been so much better than the first time. I am tired, and achy, but feeling good. Jack seems to have his day and nights confused, so sleeping at night has been elusive, but hopefully that will iron out in the next few weeks. Tyler has been funny... getting used to life with baby and boy... we will see what happens as he adjusts to this new addition. God was and continues to be lavish in the grace and mercies he pours out on us!

Thank you again for the prayers! I have many new pictures to post, just haven't loaded them up yet! Give us a few days and we will get some new ones up!

Our littlest little one...

We are home!!! What a weekend it has been. God was so faithful to us during the delivery of our boy and in the days following at the hospital. I have TONS of great photos to post, but seeng as we just got home, and are pretty tired, so I am stealing one from Brit's blog that she took the night he was born to appease the many requests!

Hopefully, tomorrow I will post a little more detailed version of the details of his birthday and a whole bunch of pictures! Thank you for your prayers and love. We are so blessed!

He's Here!

So Tali was ready to push for 40 minutes before the doctor arrived. Once he got there, she only had to push for 25 minutes before Jack was born at 6:29 PM. He weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces. Both Jack and Tali are doing well. He had his first bath and his first shots. They should both be coming home from the hospital on Sunday.

It's Time

Well, Tali went from 4 cm to 10 cm in 1 hour! Unbelievable! She has starting pushing and baby Jack should be here within the hour. Stay tuned...

Jack Update

Hello everyone! I just wanted to update everyone on Tali's progress. She went to the hospital at 9am this morning and was induced at noon. They broke her water at about 2pm and she has been progressing slowly but surely. I will post later with an update.

And we're off!!!!!!

It is a strange feeling, knowing that today is the day my son will be born. Yet it is not altogether unlike the birth of Tyler, in that I was able to get ready and calmly gather all the things we needed before any pain began. This morning, as I was having a quiet time, I was reminded of something I had read some time ago in Beside Still Waters.

"This how to deal with God. Praise Him before you are delivered. Praise Him for what is coming. Adore Him for what He is going to do. I do not think there is a sweeter song in God's ear than the song of one who blesses Him for grace that has not yet been tasted, who blessed Him for answers that have not been received. The Praise for past gratitude is sweet, but even sweeter is the praise of full confidence that all will be well. Therefore, take down your harps from the willows an sing a song of Zion (Ps. 137:2,4) "Though the fig tree many not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines; though the labor of the olive fail, and the fields yield no food; be no herds in the stalls- yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer's feet and He will make me walk on my high hills" (Hab. 3:17-19).

His mighty providence cannot fail so long as one of his children needs to be provided for. Your song, while you are in distress, will be sweet music to God's ear. Go in the name of God. Meet your difficulties calmly and fairly. Do not have any plans or tricks, just commit yourself to God. This is the way you may confidently find deliverance. If you can only trust and praise God, you will see marvelous things that will utterly astonish you."

How I desire to praise the Lord for this day. I am confident of the mercy and grace I will experience as the day goes on. I do not doubt his perfect plan for this day- whatever the outcome may be (c-section, smooth delivery, tough delivery, ect). My heart is filled with expectation of great and marvelous things. He is so good! Here is one last picture of my pregnant self! 39 weeks....

And us... on our way to the hospital!!!!

So off we go to the hospital! Crazy. My sister will be updating the blog for the rest of the day. We thought it would be a fun way to keep family and friends in the loop of little boy Jacks arrival! So stay tuned!


This morning, my love and I were reflecting on the past year, and how much we have to be grateful for. It truly has been a blessed year, full of God's mercy and kindness to us. We cannot believe that in 24 hours, we will be at the hospital getting ready to welcome Jack!

So much has happened in this past year. It has been a full rich year. It is hard to believe that last year, Tyler wasn't even walking at the annual Turkey Day Football Game. It was a cold, wet, and gray day! So glad today is nicer! We are heading to the game this morning and then to my folks house to celebrate the day with my family. Here is a shot from a year ago!!!
So today, we are so grateful for so many things: our Salvation, our sons, our family, our health, our home, our richly blessed lives, our friends {the private rooms at Shady Grove :) }.... I could go on and on.... God has just been lavishly good to us, and we did not want to miss the opportunity to give Him glory and honor for all the many gifts we have.

We hope you have a wonderful day today, rejoicing in the many blessings God has poured out on your lives as you celebrate with your families!

We will keep you posted tomorrow about the birth of our new little one! Hopefully my sister will be able to keep the blog up to date as to the progress of the day! Thank you for all the prayers and love we have received from so many!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Baby Watch- Week 38

We made it!!! The private rooms, or the "hotel rooms" as Dr. Tran called them today, are officially opened!!! I am so happy! I did a "we made it dance" this morning!!! The Lord is so kind. I really am just so grateful to God that we get to experience the new rooms. For any mom who has shared a room, or even heard about it, you know what a blessing it will be to have a private room and bathroom!

So onto the exciting progress report! Well, all these uncomfortable contractions are doing something! I am 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Little boy has dropped a little more and is at -2 station.

I gained a little more weight this time- so I am at the 22 lb mark. So happy about that. As Dr. Tran took a look at my massive tummy, she was "warning" me that she thinks he will be a big baby. Since he has already dropped and is not all scrunched up, the fact that I am as big as I am, to her, meant at least 8 lbs! I guess we will know that soon enough!

She also seemed to think that my labor would go fast. She speculated that because my body seemed so ready, it wouldn't take nearly as long as with Tyler (15 hours). As much as that makes me very happy to hear, I am also totally ready for the long haul. Jordan keeps asking me, if my heart is prepared for a tough labor... just to make sure, so that I am not disappointed if it lasts more than 2 or 3 hours... and I think I am!

We were talking about why Dr. Apgar decided to induce me, and she was very clear, that because Tyler was 3 weeks early, large, and had shoulder dystocia (his broad shoulders got lodged in my pelvic bones becasue he was sideways and had a very tough time getting out), that it made perfect sense to have this baby a week early. That made me feel better! I don't want a repeat of last time!!!

So, with the induction just 4 days away, and my body really ready at any point, we are getting all the last minute things in order. It is hard to believe that in a few days, we will have two kids. This is my last Monday with only one little one...Crazy! We will keep you posted if anything happens sooner that Friday! I really don't want to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital(even if it is a plush new room), so if I don't have him today.... pray for Friday!

6 days and counting???

So we are officially more pregnant than I have ever been, and that is not saying much! I am just over the 38 week marker, but a whopping 6 days more pregnant than I was with Tyler! I have hit the point in pregnancy, where I am ready to be done! I keep thinking... I am all done having a belly, I just want to have a baby!!!

So the reason it is 6 days and counting, is that my Dr. has signed me up to be induced this Friday at 9 am if I have not had him before then! So there is an end in sight, and it is a week before I am due!

When the whole idea of me getting induced came up, Jordan and I were just talking about the optimal day of the week for him to be born on- really what would be most convenient for us, and our families... not like we have a choice in the matter... or did we??? So we decided to give my Dr. a call and just see what he thought about that idea!

To my great surprise, he agreed to do it! After an amusing conversation with Dr. A on the phone, I sat in shock that I might get induced (if he doesn't come on his own sooner)....Upon reflection, there is really no medical reason for me to go early--- beyond the fact that Tyler, at 3 weeks early weighed a little over 8 lbs and had a tough time getting out--- That was all I could think of!

So here we are with 6 days to go...crazy! If you are reading this, and it has caused you to struggle in any way, because you have always had to go full term or close to it... I apologize!!!! My next appointment is tomorrow afternoon, so we will see if I have progressed any further, and if the Dr. thinks we will even make it to Friday! At this point, I am just trying not to pre-maturely rejoice about the private rooms being opened tomorrow!!!

Baby Watch- Week 37

So I have changed the title of these updates from "Baby Update" to "Baby Watch." This is for two reasons.... The first, is that since Tyler was born 19 days early, my body may want to do something similar, and that means baby could come any time. The second reason, is that I "feel" ready to go.... but that is completely subjective! No real reasons other than those... and that I am now full term, so he can come now with little to no risks!

So, at my Dr. appointment today, we found that I am still 2 cm, and 50% effaced. Even after our wonderful shopping weekend, no changes to report! With only 6 days to go until these rooms are open for patients....

Yeah, I think I want to wait.....

Although I really do feel like I am "done being pregnant" and everyday, I feel like I am getting bigger and bigger and more uncomfortable... We will know the date God has chosen for us soon enough! It is a strange thing, knowing that you could have your baby any day, so just waiting until that day comes.... With each contraction that passes, and every moment you wonder, is this it? Will today be the day?? Can't wait till it is THAT day!!! Not too much longer now....

Next appointment on Monday with Dr. Tran. Dr. Apgar is out of town next week.... he told me I had to wait to have the baby until he comes back, the day after Thanksgiving.... we will see....

Wondering and Waiting....

One day until this baby is considered "full-term".... which brings me one day closer to my due date, one day closer to holding my new little son in my arms.... one day closer to not being pregnant anymore.... I keep wondering when he will come. Will he be super early like Tyler, or days late? Will we have another holiday baby or will I get to eat Thanksgiving dinner with family?

The past few days, I "feel" like the baby has dropped... although my torso is so short, I don't imagine it looks like he is very much lower than before. I sure can breath easier these days, except when I have just carried Tyler up the stairs, and that leaves me panting for breath! I do feel like he has gotten lower... so watching me walking has become quite amusing to see. Unfortunately, I waddle... yep, I catch myself doing it all the time!

It is amusing at times how even the simplest tasks become difficult during the last weeks of pregnancy... putting on shoes and socks, painting your nails, anything that involves bending over... Even leaning forward to adjust the air or the radio in my car has become difficult... so yeah, as the days get closer to meeting this little boy, I patiently remind myself, that it will be over all to quickly.... that is, after I adjust the air and walk back up the stairs and catch my breath!

I think we have gotten everything in order around the house in preparation for Jack... the house has been cleaned, the floors mopped, the rooms organized, the laundry done, clothes set aside for the Tyler to stay with mom and me to go to the hospital, the bassinet in place and the car seat ready to go. My mom (aka- my personal hero) came over and cleaned the house with me one afternoon, until we were both pooped! So now we just get to sit and wonder.. and wait....

This weekend, I am heading off to a weekend full of shopping for the annual Kauflin Ladies shopping extravaganza!!! Hoping the boy doesn't want to come while shopping, but at least we will have a nurse, two VERY experienced moms and lots of fun it he does decide to come..... think of the headlines it will make!!

See you Monday!

Wonderful Fall Days!!!

We love fall, and have had a blast the past week enjoying some of the fun things it has to offer!...The Annual Harvest Party at CLC... lots of baby showers... and lots and lots of leaves to play in...

Our little race car driver....

The first thing he saw and wanted to play with were the balloons!

Playing basketball with daddy....

The annual family picture!

My friend D had a baby shower thrown for her this past Saturday!

Although we a about a month apart... she has her babies super early, so we just might see each other in the hospital! No, that is NOT a basketball under my shirt....

After the shower, I came home to find this ....

So I grabbed my camera and began taking as many photos as I could... so fun!

Last year, Tyler didn't like being put into the pile of leaves. This year, he followed daddy right in!
Our attempt at a family picture...

It was hard catching this photo. I kept getting a hand or a shot full of leaves!!!

I love this boy...

He gives my belly kisses sometimes....

The love of my life....
Jordan and I leaned in for a kiss, and Tyler attacked me. It was a mommy-sandwich!
Tyler got a hold of the camera and took a few self-portraits!

Yeah, it is one big pile of leaves!

And finally, a sunglasses shot of my cutie pie boy!