Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family blog. This may be your first visit here, or you may be a friend from across the globe, or family that we have just seen. Who ever you may be, thanks for taking the time to read about our little family, and all we are learning on this adventure the Lord has called us to live! Here you will find, the random thoughts, funny stories, prayer requests, and the journey our family and Jack is on with his battle with Leukemia.

little man

yet again, I am amazed at how the Lord increases the love of a mother's heart in so brief a moment. I am already so love with my new baby boy. I wish I could somehow bottle the sweet new baby smell, capture the newness of his little cry, and remember how snuggly and sweet those first moments are.

I'm so enjoying our new little guy, can't wait to introduce him to Tyler and Jack.

Here's a couple more pictures from day 1!


He's Here!!!

Dylan has arrived....3:37pm, 9.2 lbs, 20 1/2 inches. Tali's doing great. Pictures to come shortly

Baby Update 6

She's ready to push....10cm...ready to go...

our boy should make an appearance soon.

Baby Update 5

Epidural is finally starting to work, Tali is resting a little...contractions are getting closer together...

oooh....the suspense....

Baby Update 4

Tali go an epidural at around 12:30pm, she was around 4 cm's and still 90% effaced.

Baby Update 3

The doctor just broke her water and upped the pitocin to get things moving along....

Tali's not in pain yet, and doing great.

More to come....

We're Here

...Tali's here, I'm here, we're ready to go.

Pitocin was started at 8:15am, she's 3cm dilated, 90% effaced, and -1 station.

Thanks for your prayers! More updates to come...

Baby Update 1....

well, we are about to leave.... I have been up for a while- filled with nervous excitement. It's amazing how exciting and nerve wracking this time can be! Bags are packed, kiddos are at Grandma's, house is clean, and we are as ready as we can be!

our last day as a family of 4....

So today was our last day as a family of 4! Hard for me to believe sometimes that we will have 3 little boys to love on and our family is growing by 1 more tomorrow, and yet there have been many moments where I thought this day would NEVER come! Tomorrow morning, gosh, in a few short hours, we are heading to the hospital to be induced.

In case you were wondering why get induced and not wait it out- well, it is really due to the size of the baby and my past history of having my babies get "stuck" with something called shoulder distocia. Basically, they have broad shoulders and I have a narrow pelvic bone, and bone on bone can lead to difficulty getting the little guys out. Both Jack and Tyler had it (Tyler was by far the most difficult), and given the size they are predicting this little boy to be- well, it just doesn't make sense for us to let him keep getting fatter any more.

If you remember, 4 weeks ago he was almost 7lbs (give or take a little in either direction)..... SO as you can imagine, I am a little tempted to be anxious about the delivery and actually being able to get him out on my own. I am still hoping for somewhere in the 8lb range, since I have not gained any weight in the past month.

So today we celebrated Jack's second bday and enjoyed every minute we could with family and our boys. We are so excited to meet our new little guy, so curious to see who he looks like, and so happy to be just about done with being pregnant!!! Jordan plans to keep the blog updated during the day, so if you want to keep track of how things are going, you can come back here for updates!

We would love your prayers and are so grateful for all the support! Here is one last shot of my massive belly!!!! Can't wait to see my toes again!

An update

Long long long overdue, here is the latest going on here at the Kauflin casa! My sister's baby Addison came home a few weeks ago, and is healing so well. She is adjusting to life at home, and is at times, giving my sister and her hubby a tough time, being a little bit more than average on the fussy side. But I know they are just so happy that she is whole and healthy, that all the fussiness is worth it all. I went down to North Carolina a few weeks ago and here are a few picts of my little niece, Lotte and my massive belly!

A little side story about all my trips to NC.... the day of Addison's surgery, on the way home from the hospital, I was involved in a car accident. My car ended up needing repairs in such a way, that I had to leave it down there and drive a rental car home. The boys were with me, and we were all fine! But, it left us with a small rental for 2 weeks and another drive down required! Needless to say, I think I have driven more times to NC in the past two months than I would prefer, especially being pregnant! The second trip down, I was able to go without the kids and just get our van and come back.

Since being home, we have been getting our little home ready for our little one's arrival. The bassinet is set, the car seats all changed around and installed, baby clothes washed in Dreft (just because I adore that sweet smell), diapers on stash, bag packed, camera ready.... now if only he would come! :)

The latest with the baby... this is kind of a long story... so my tummy is really big, so I have had to take 3 glucose tests, to make sure I am not diabetic. My weight gain is not that much more than it was with Jack, but my tummy is still super big. I had a sono at 34w 4d and the baby was measuring to be at 36 w 2 days- at 6lb 7 oz. The sonographer thought he was more like 7 lbs already... and I have A LOT of amniotic fluid- here is the gauge- normal pregnancies have 14 cm of fluid at 34 weeks. I had 24cm at 34 weeks... so that is what is keeping my belly super hard all the time and big.

The results of all the tests were negative, so diabetes is not an issue. My weight gain has been kept under 30 lbs, and yet, we have a big baby boy. I feel like my arms, legs and face still look the same, it is just this huge belly, which makes me feel awkward and clumsy and really uncomfortable! My progress so far is 1.5 cm dilated, 50% effaced and baby is kinda hanging around -3 station. The Dr. said at my last check up that because I have so much fluid, baby isn't really descending too much, just floating. Tyler says baby is taking a bubble bath!

Because he is so big, the Dr. said he will induce me, but only a week early, so that puts us at Nov 23, which is also Jack's bday. So we are thinking that is he doesn't come on his own before then, we will go ahead and get me induced on the 24th. Both my boys have been big babies, and both a little early too. I am praying this boy makes his appearance in the next week or two, and my Dr. said if I go into labor any time from here on out, he will not stop it!

So to fill the time till he comes, we went to the harvest party at our church on Halloween, been going to the park on nice days, the library, and hanging at home, getting the boys used to just being here! This picture is the annual one we take at the harvest party... we have one from every year since Tyler was 1~

My boys picked their costumes- which we got really cheap at Emma's Closet. Jack was the cutest Elmo ever, and Tyler was a crazy Tigger! This is them with my dad.

Tyler got a hair cut too. He looks like a big boy now... sweet boy, is so excited to meet his baby brother. He picked out a little stuffed doggy to give him when we bring him home. He has been talking about such big boy things these days and being such a big helper. He told me in the car the other day, "I love everything God made... the trees, mac n cheese, the sky, mommy, and our car..."

And this little charmer, has just gotten sweeter and sweeter to me. I am trying to savor the last weeks of him being the baby of the house, but it is hard when you have no lap to snuggle on! He calls Tyler "jackers".... not sure why, but it is sweet.

We got to hang with cousin Korey yesterday too. Jack was reading to him... too cute!

Love my blondie boy!
So, that's it for now.... we are just waiting for baby boy to join us, and keep our house clean and in order and our boys trained and loved on as much as possible! Life is full and we are loving the fall weather... My next Appointment is next Tuesday and hopefully baby will come sometime soon!