Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family blog. This may be your first visit here, or you may be a friend from across the globe, or family that we have just seen. Who ever you may be, thanks for taking the time to read about our little family, and all we are learning on this adventure the Lord has called us to live! Here you will find, the random thoughts, funny stories, prayer requests, and the journey our family and Jack is on with his battle with Leukemia.

Baby Update- Week 35

We went to the OB again this week, for the 35 week check-up. I got a sonogram to see how big little boy is doing, and to make sure he is a little boy!!! The VERY first thing the sonographer saw was that we are indeed having a very proud little boy! It always makes me laugh, when they see that first! Almost like they didn't expect him to be so proud!

Little boy Jack, is not so little after all. He is already measuring to be 6 lbs.... the same as Tyler was when I was 36 weeks. So we will probably have another 8 pounder!!! I like chunky babies! Everything else is measuring right on target. I didn't get a very clear picture this time, and did not get a profile shot to compare with Tyler's sonogram.

Below is his face, looking straight at you. His right arm was over the right side of his face. But here you can see his left eye, some of his nose and mouth. He was squirming away the whole time. I got to see his little face very clearly, and it looks like he has chubby cheeks like his brother! Tyler was there, and when the we got to hear the heart beat, he said, "There it is!!" and started wiggling around. Very cute!

The crazy news is that I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced already. I was 2 cm by 36 weeks with Tyler! The boy is at -3 station- so he has a little ways to travel before he can enter the world !! I gained 1 lb, so the total is 18 for the pregnancy... yippie! I am so grateful for that. I had such a hard time loosing the 40+ lbs I gained with Tyler, so 20 seems more manageable to me- plus now we know at least 6 of it is the baby!

So, now the boy is really on his way! I am, still trying not to think he will be here next week... trying to view each cm as one less to get through on D-Day! I am praying and hoping for 3 more weeks so I can get a private room at the hospital... pray with me folks!!!

God has been gracious to help me not count down each day with baited breath too much! We have a lot to get done before he comes... so better get to it! Next baby update, next Tuesday! Stay tuned!

Pumpkin Patch!

This Saturday, we went to Larriland Farm to pick pumpkins and take in some nicer fall weather after all the rain we have been having the past week. It was a perfect cold crisp day, with gorgeous skies.... Tyler found his pumpkin right away and carried it around with him the whole time we were there. He got very messy walking around all the squashed pumpkins and the mud from the rain, but loved his little pumpkin!

The proud pumpkin boy...

We had so much fun being together as a family. I love these kind of days together... enjoying the goodness of God in his creations, in the weather, in each other... it was just a sweet day!

Tyler kept trying to lick the dirt off the pumpkin and his fingers... I caught this cutie face...

As you can see, as soon as he saw this dog, he began his chase all around the farm... the dog was less than interested in Tyler though.

Mommy's little helper...

Trying something a little artistic here...

My two silly boys...

So, Jordan and Tyler walked over to this little area and the lighting and the scenery were so pretty. I was able to get some great pictures of them. Seeing these come out as well as they did made me really want to do more with my pictures than Picassa can do... but these are still my favorites of the day!

Yup- that is one massive belly!!! Tyler was telling me where baby Jack is... I love his perfect little finger pointing at my tummy!

Our little family of pumpkins... a Daddy, a Mommy, a Boy, and an unripe baby... cause Jack hasn't fully ripened up yet.... :)

I love fall light.... so warm and soft...Tyler was just playing outside...

A baby update to come on Wednesday!

Baby Update- Week 34

I had my 34 week check up today. Everything was great! The heartbeat was nice and strong, and I am measuring right on again. Gained 1 lb this past two weeks... although I feel like I have gained a lot more. So far only 17 lbs. Here is a week 34 belly shot...

So for the past week or so, I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, especially in the evenings. I haven't been concerned at all, as I know they are only the warm ups for the real deal! But last night, I was having them every 5 minutes or so for about 3 hours... so I mentioned that to my Dr. and he decided it was time to start the "exams" to see if those contractions were doing anything....

Turns out, they have been doing a little something... I am 1 cm dilated so far. Everything else is still the same... but the progress has begun. There is no stopping it now! It kind of makes the fact that Jack is coming sooner than later, seem much more real now! I certainly am not thinking he will appear any time soon, but it is nice to know that I have 1 less centimeter to go, when it comes time for his delivery!

Next appointment is next Wednesday for a sonogram and all that good stuff.... Crazy times!

The things he gets into....

Tyler is a curious little boy... who likes to be with mommy wherever I go. He also likes to be into whatever I happen to be doing at the moment. The other day I was folding laundry, when he climbed up onto the couch and pulled down some of the things I had been folding. A moment later, he had begun to pull on a pair of Jordan's shorts. I ran to get the camera to capture him trying to so hard to get those massive pants on!

After he gave up on Jordan's shorts, he found a pair of mine, which were a lesser challenge, as they are half the size of Jordan's shorts!

He was very proud that he got them on!

While I was outside grilling dinner one night, he got a little thirsty!

"Got water?"

The funny thing is...

Maybe 30 minutes after I had written yesterday's post, on how great Tyler's naps were going.... he woke up after only an hour. I let him cry for a bit, to see if he would go back to sleep, but something sounded off. Then the Verizon guy came to fix our router... Jordan stopped by to pick up something... so I decided to go up and see what was going on....

Only to find a foul smell fill the air as soon as I opened the door. He had thrown up in his bed. It was a mess. After cleaning the bed, changing his clothes, dealing with the Verizon guy... we attempted to put him to bed in his crib, as he definitely needed more sleep. This was my hope, but it DID NOT happen. After 45 minutes of trying, we gave up.

In the midst of seeing what I had planned for my afternoon crumble, I was so grateful to God for the encouraging word I read in Beside Still Waters (p. 202) just moments before it all began.

"My dear friend, remember that you have a Father in heaven. When all is spent, you can still say, " My Father." Friends may leave, just as the birds fly south for the winter, but you are not alone becasue the Father is with you. Cling to the blesses text, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" (Heb13:5). In every moment of distress, anxiety, and perplexity, you have a Father on whose wisdom, truth and power you can rely.

If your children have needs, they go to you. If they have questions, they ask you. If they are ill-treated, they appeal to you. If a thorn is in their finger, they run to you for relief. Little or great, your children's sorrows are your concern. This makes their life easy, and it would make our lives easier if we acted as God's children."

How relevant and immediately applicable this was to my soul. The Lord is so kind, and gracious to feed my soul in the very way I needed it in that moment. So today, I hope to face the day, the uncertainties that can be expected, as a child of God.... always quick to turn to the Father, ever aware of my dependence on Him and His tender care of me. Hopefully, the boy wont throw up again too!

Still alive...

Yes, we are still here at the Kauflin household. Not much to report these days, and I haven't been taking very many photos or taking the time to upload the ones I have taken!

As far as what we have been up to... Tyler has adjusted to sleeping in his bed, and I have begun to have him take his afternoon nap there, just this week. The first day did not go so well, and he ended up in his crib... but since then, he has had no problem, sleeping in his bed for up to 2 hours. I am trying to get him back up to the 3 hour nap he was taking in his crib... but 2 is better than none, and it has been an easy transition! So blessed!

Time seems to be going by ever so slowly as I am only 6 weeks from D day.... There are days that seem to last forever, and I know that will only increase as the day gets closer for Jack to join us. His movements are so pronounced at times, I feel like he is going to burst out of my tummy. I am seeking to savor those movements, as I know I will miss them once he is born.

I am also seeking to savor each moment with my big boy. I have been seeking to view this time as a short window of mommy-Tyler time, before my full attention is shared with another. He is growing up so much, and yet, he is still such a little baby to me!

Hopefully, I will get some pictures up soon. And have something more interesting to share! For now, we are enjoying each fall day the Lord has been blessing us with!

Baby Update

I had my 32 week check-up today. Time has really flown by. I have only one more two week apart appointment, and we start the weekly ones! Crazy. Everything was great. Strong heartbeat, blood pressure... all the good stuff. I gained 3 lb this past two weeks... So now I am at 16 lbs- so if I gain a pound or so a week from here on out, I will be around 25 lbs, which is ideal for my little frame!

I do feel like my belly resembles a basketball at times! Kind of out there.... the pink spots on my arm, are from the flu shot they made me get! Yuck!

So we were hoping Dr. Apgar would be willing to induce me before Thanksgiving, but he said no. So sad! We have to run the risk of having a Holiday baby after all! The one perk to staying pregnant longer, is that the private rooms at Shady Grove will be completed and open for business November 19! So we want to make it that long at least!

And a week after we started putting Tyler to bed in his big boy room, we think we have successfully transitioned him! He hasn't had any trouble going to bed in that room. He has, however, discovered how to get in and out of the bed by himself!

Last night he was making quite a ruckus in his room, so we went up to see what was going on, and he had been getting in and out of his bed to get books to read. His bed has a few books on it... silly. At least he wasn't doing anything destructive!

These two pictures are from a week ago in his new pj's for his new bed.... he was very excited!

Big Boy Bed Update

So last night was great! Jordan put Tyler to bed and all was quiet... for about 30 minutes... then he began to cry. So we waited to see if he would fall back asleep... and after a little while as the cries got louder, I decided to try to put him down again... only to find him standing at his door trying to escape!

We didn't think he knew how to climb out of the bed yet, but I guess he was desperate to get out! So after a song or two, I put him back into his big boy bed, and didn't hear a peep from him until 7:30 this morning!!!

I have to admit, I slept very lightly last night, almost waiting for the cries to start and my duty to begin. Add to that my third trimester pregnancy bathroom breaks and just trying to get comfortable in bed ... it was a long night... but, NOT for the reasons we had thought it might be!

He is about to go to bed now, so we will see if how tonight goes! The Lord has been so faithful to us so far, and we anticipate much more grace for the days, and nights ahead!

Pictures from last night to come!

Some firsts...

Two weeks ago, Tyler had his first run in with a dog in our neighborhood... He wanted to say hi to one of the dogs he usually says hello to, and pets... but this time the dog didn't want to be pet. He snapped at Tyler and grazed his face with his teeth. It didn't break the skin, so no stitches or visits to the Dr. were required!

Tyler was pretty upset about the whole thing, but he got over it quickly and even went back ans pet the dog... so grateful he isn't terrified of dogs now! He is completely recovered from his first bite incident...

Since we got rid of the office upstairs, the computer isn't the only thing to move downstairs. Jordan used to have his QT in the office, but now he is in the living room, where Tyler LOVES to read his Bible with him. Thanks to Uncle Kerrin's teaching, Tyler points to the pages of the Bible and says, "God says." I pray we are training him up well to spend time each day with the Lord.

He has been playing with play doh for over 20 minutes at a time! Pretty impressive. If you sit with him, and help him a little, he gets totally into it.

Still working on craft time, but he initiates playing with the play doh... so that is some progress!

Fall clothes are coming out of the closet and are so fun to wear! We recently got him some new clothes... and I LOVE his new vest... so cute! I love fall!!!

And now for the BIG one... Tyler's room is complete (minus hanging some pictures on the wall)... It took a long time to get the bed together on Saturday, but was totally worth it! He was so excited to be in his room.

He even crawled into the bed and pulled the blankets up around him... Tonight is the BIG NIGHT when we try for a night in the bed... I will post tomorrow the results! We are praying for a smooth transition from crib to bed....

Here is a little video clip of Tyler a few minutes after he saw his new bed....

Hopefully tomorrow's post will be a GOOD report!!!