Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family blog. This may be your first visit here, or you may be a friend from across the globe, or family that we have just seen. Who ever you may be, thanks for taking the time to read about our little family, and all we are learning on this adventure the Lord has called us to live! Here you will find, the random thoughts, funny stories, prayer requests, and the journey our family and Jack is on with his battle with Leukemia.

2 years old!!!

My sweet boys turns 2 today! The time has flown by, and he is no longer a baby, but a little boy... He brings us so much joy, with his funny ways and delightful giggle. I cannot begin to imagine our life without him in it.

Tyler at the hospital- a few days old...

Hard to believe that two years ago, I was at the hospital hours away from meeting our first baby boy... and now, today, we are playing with play doh and singing songs. How the time flies.

Tyler at Mimi's house a few days ago...

We love him more and more each passing day- even on the tough days! It is funny the things that make your heart melt... his sweet face when he is kissing his baby brother, his little chubby hands, the way he calls my name in the morning... the way he runs, to the way he laughs... he is a treasure and we are so grateful!

Happy birthday my Big Boy!

More Than I Deserve...

Again, I am being made aware of how I deserve so little and have been given so very much. Christmas Eve service was such a fresh reminder of why we celebrate this holiday season. We are rich indeed, being heir with the Savior. Gratefulness fills my heart today.

This Christmas day is no exception to the fact that I have been given MUCH more than I deserve... my family lavishly blessed us with a new computer! Our current computer has only 40G of memory total, so you can imagine with all the photos we have taken over the past two years, that memory is getting slim! We cannot believe how generous they are, and are so grateful for this gift. That was more than enough for us... Christmas should have ended there!

But then my husband surprised me with a new camera!!! Yup- I get to join those who have a Nikon D40. What a blessing and surprise. He knows how much I love to take pictures, and we have two adorable subjects to capture. I cannot believe it! He is so generous and has worked so hard to give me such a wonderful gift.

To make the camera even better, I was given a 18-135 mm lens this morning.... another undeserved gift! Hopefully I will learn to use it quickly and have many wonderful photos to share.


The day should have ended there... I already had been given much more than I ever thought or deserved. We shared gifts with family, got to see tears of joy and gratefulness.... the day had been pretty much perfect. Even with a tantrum or two from Tyler, the day has been amazing, and with the gospel in view, has been even better than I ever thought!

But wait... there is more.... The last gifts were being given... and all of a sudden I was handed a small box with my name on it, but no indication as to whom it was from... inside was the greatest surprise of all.... keys to a 2005....


Holy Cow, right??? What in the world....?!?!?!!? I still cannot believe it. Jordan found it last Thursday... it is everything we had wanted, and he got a deal from one of the dealerships he works at. When I opened the box, my heart stopped. I just could not believe it! What a blessing. I am undone. My husband... oh what a man he is, what a generous hard working man. I do not deserve such love and generosity.

So, I say all of this, not to boast in the blessings of the day, but to point back to our wonderful savior and King, who gives so much more than we deserve, starting with the gift of our salvation. All of the amazing things I have been given this holiday season, pale in comparison to the riches I have in Christ. I pray that today, you are able to say the same, as you reflect on his goodness to you.


The past few days have been "one of those days"... you know the kind, where you are made a little more aware of how completely weak and helpless you truly are. In the midst of trials, I find that God has been ever faithful to lavish grace on me, and I am so grateful for these moments, as they are teaching me so much. The following tales, have been filled with moments of temptation, weakness, weariness, but also marked by laughter and grace.... God is good to teach with a gentle hand...

The past 4 weeks had been actually going very well, things were going quite smooth- two kids- home alone- not too bad ... perfect set up for me to learn a lesson and grow in my faith. Day one of the week of tantrums started with a rough going nap time.. Tyler fell asleep in the car on the way to Sam's club, and I had to wake him up for our little shopping trip. Once we got home, he didn't want to nap... after an hour of tears (his not mine) a diaper change, and some songs, he finally obeyed and closed his tired eyes and went to sleep. This ended with the sounds of my hungry baby filling the house, letting me know it was definitely time to eat! I nursed Jack, with hopes of taking a nap afterwards... it had been a long night of little sleep for me the night before, so I was pretty tired already.... I put Jack down and lay down eager for a few morsels of precious rest...

15 minutes after falling into a deep sleep- which immediately followed my head making contact with the pillow... I hear Tyler crying, and then an instant later, Jack started to cry.... and thus the madness began! Both boys were crying furiously... and inconsolably...

Tyler heard Jack crying and freaked out- toddler tantrum all the way- complete with kicking and screaming and throwing himself around- so I put Jack on our bed, and call Jordan for help/wisdom/prayers... I just felt so weak and utterly helpless. It took a good hour to calm Tyler down and get him to obey- meanwhile, poor baby boy cried in our room the entire time.

So a very similar scene has transpired at least once a day since that first episode... it is just so hard to know how to correct a screaming toddler when you have a baby attached to your breast! God has been kind to help me to laugh at the situations that I really cannot do anything about and to respond with joy. None the less, we have tried and are, by God's grace alone, committed to training our big boy. After seeking some counsel, we feel better equipped to deal with the task at hand...

I am seeing my need to be gracious and kind. To learn to be quick to respond in love and not anger, and to see my son's sins primarily against the Lord and not me. I am learning that even on a few hours of sleep, God WILL sustain me, and that is building my faith more and more. The nice thing about having only one child was, you can nap when they nap... add more kids to the mix, and naps become a precious gift and not a guarantee!! How kind of the Lord to show me that I, a wretch, deserve nothing.... and yet, he carries me and covers me with his wings.

This all may sound a bit fragmented... as my mind is has kind of not been working as well, since little baby Jack came into the world!!! Just my thoughts, as foggy as they are...

Oh, but how much I love these boys... I praise God for filling my heart with love and tenderness to these little lovely sinners... Isn't it amazing that I, the worst of all sinners have been given a heart of love for such sweet boys...

Birth Announcements!

I have been wanting to post for a little while now, but between naps, a crazy toddler, and a nursing baby, I have had little time.... well, the free time I do have is being filled with finishing up Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, and trying to keep the house in order!

I have many pictures and some funny stories to tell, but no time! So today, I wanted to post our birth announcements, and let the loyal few readers know that we are indeed still alive!! I would have mailed one to all of our friends, but stamps are expensive! Below are the front and the back, courtesy of the gifted photography and design work at Perceive Design.



Magic Moments

My sister-in-law, Megan, took some photos of Jack, last week, celebrating his 1 week old b-day!

Here are just a few of them, there were so many wonderful ones to choose from. She did a fabulous job! I wish we had these kinds of pictures of Tyler too! If you just had a baby, I would highly suggest you have her take some pictures to capture the first weeks of sweetness. They pass too quickly!

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