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.Addison Update 3.

After a wonderfully long day, I am so happy to say that the surgery on Addison was a success! She responded great to everything that was done and is in recovery. The Dr. told us that the next 24 hours are critical to monitor her, and see how her heart responds to all that was done today, but they also will be monitoring her extremely close during this time.

When we went back to see her, the Dr. and nurses were all there, with many encouraging things to say and answer all of our questions. Lotte and Wes are pretty exhausted at this point(So is everyone I think!), so they hopefully will be getting some rest over the next few days. We were given the range of Addison being able to come home from 8 days to 8 months- depending on the results of the surgery. Right now, we are hopeful for the 8 days.

Here are a few pictures of Addison after surgery. I am heading back to MD tomorrow, and so there will not be any more pictures from me for a few weeks, until I can come back down again and visit. I will continue to share how she is doing, however.

Thank you all again for your support and prayers during this time. We have seen the hand of God in so many ways, in so many provisions, and are full of gratefulness for all He has done during this time. Once I am home, I hope to be able to recount all the ways we have seen him at work, as it has truly been a humbling and faith building time. Isn't it so wonderful to know that no situation is too big for our Great God!

.Addison update 2.

Just a quick update that things are going well so far. There have been no complications, and it sounds like all the actual stiching up and repairs have been completed. We are now waiting to hear the results of a echogram, to see that everything is flowing well. We actually just got word that within the next two hours, she will be in recovery and Lotte and Wes will be able to go back and be with her. God os so good!

.Addison Update.

Today we were able to see Addison!!!

Lotte was discharged today around 11:30 am and came home to meet me and gather a few things, before we all headed to Chapel Hill in time to meet the Cardiologist. By the time we got to the hospital is was 1:45. We were able to go straight into Addison's room and be with her, and to our great surprise and delight, she was not enclosed in a "box" but totally open and we were able to touch her and love on her immediately. It was a very emotional reunion, but touching and wonderful to behold.

After a little while we were able to meet with the surgeon who will be performing the operation on Addison tomorrow. He actually spent 45 minutes with us answering questions, drawing diagrams, and just helping us to understand what will be happening tomorrow. He was very encouraging. He told us that in cases like Addison, the mortality rate is as low as 3%, which is very good to hear.

Right now, the surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am and we were told will last most of the day. There are a few unknowns about the condition of her heart, that can only be determined once the surgery has begun, and certain complications can elongate the process if there are any other areas that require repair. Thankfully, a nurse will be coming out during the course of the whole day to give updates on how things are going.

Right now, Addison has an incubator tube in through her mouth still, not because she cannot breathe on her own, but because she is having surgery tomorrow. She is covered from head to toe with wires and tubes. Because she has gotten so much fluid through an IV, she is a little puffy around the face, but we can already see that she does look like her sister.

Lotte and Wes were able to spend a good bit of time with Addison this afternoon, and are going to be at the hospital very early Tuesday morning. I will also be there with them most of the day tomorrow. It will be a long day, but we are full of faith that Addison is in good hands, and that the Lord is ultimately working in all of the details. Here are some pictures of our visit today.

.Please pray for Addison Kennedy.

My little niece was born today! Addison Kennedy Abernethy, born at 11:12 am. Once again, I had the privilege and honor to be my sister labor coach and witness her birth. This was a fast one too- she went from 6 cm to 10 in 1 hour and pushed through 2 contractions! Addison was quick to join us, although she was 4 days past her due date!

As quick as she was to join us, she was also, just a quickly swept away by the NICU Dr.'s and staff. Her coloring was very purple and blue and they were concerned about the condition of her heart. So, unfortunately, Lotte only got to hold her baby for moments, before she was taken away for many many tests.

The results of those tests proved to be vital and difficult for us all to hear. As it turns out Addison has a heart defect known as Transposition of the great vessels. It is a congenital heart defect in which the two major vessels that carry blood away from the heart -- the aorta and the pulmonary artery -- are switched (transposed).

Addison has been taken to another hospital, where she will undergo a procedure called a cardiac catheterization , and will then by the end of the week undergo a heart surgery to switch the flow of blood through her heart.

Obviously, this is no small thing. Lotte is heart broken that she was not able to even hold her new baby and now has to be separated from her for at least the night, let alone days or weeks. Please pray for Lotte and Wes and especially Addision.

Isn't it good news that none of this was a surprise to God, and that he is in control. How sweet to know we can trust in him. Below are a few pictures I was able to take. Things happened so quickly and the room was so dark during the delivery, I do not have many good ones at all. The last two are what we saw when Addision was being transported to the other hospital.

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.tender heart.

Tonight, the Lord graciously allowed me to see the tenderness and softening of heart he is doing in my little boys life. We were out for a little bit this evening, and Tyler and Jack were in bed sleeping for the night. When we came home, I saw his bedroom door open, but he was sleeping soundly in his bed. Upon further attention to the details of our little home, I noticed a little box that was once home to some gummy candies. Tyler, at some point, gotten out of bed and helped himself to a little bedtime snack. Thankfully, this box was not full!

So, this is where the evidence of a tender heart is seen... a few minutes after 10, after he had been in bed for some time, he came out of his room, bleary eyed and sleepy, but clearly upset. He walked right into my arms, and with soft tears told me he was sad, he told me he had disobeyed and had gotten out of bed and ate the candy. He sniffed out a " please forgive me for disobeying" and snuggled me closer. What a tender soul to be unable to sleep because of this disobedience.

I told him how happy I was that he told me, that I completely forgave him, and that I loved him. Oh to be as tender hearted in my own life when I disobey the Lord. Sweet boy. Kind heavenly father who always forgives.