Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family blog. This may be your first visit here, or you may be a friend from across the globe, or family that we have just seen. Who ever you may be, thanks for taking the time to read about our little family, and all we are learning on this adventure the Lord has called us to live! Here you will find, the random thoughts, funny stories, prayer requests, and the journey our family and Jack is on with his battle with Leukemia.

To my beloved on his birthday

There are so many reasons why I love and respect my dear husband! And today marks the opportunity for me to share them with you, as it marks his 25th birthday!


I love the way you love our son. I just love to watch you tickle him, tackle him, and train him. You are so purposeful in your affections to him. And what blesses me even more, is to see the utter delight in his face when he is with you. I know he feels so safe with you, by the way he will just sit in your arms, unmoving. I am so grateful that we have a son, and another to come to raise to the glory of God. I pray they emulate you as they grow into men.

I love the way you love me, the way you were created so perfectly to match me in every way, the way you care for my soul and heart so effectively, the way you consistently lay down your desires to bless me and serve me. You are such an example of true humility. I adore you!

I love the way you live life.... you take it easy, yet you are purposeful... you love to laugh, and are happy to be laughed at... you don't take yourself too seriously, yet you think through much of life with a serious perspective. You love to be with others, and seem to savor those times with great joy... you are such a remarkable man...

I love the way you love your family. Especially the way you pursue time with your dad. It builds my faith for our lives, knowing that you are a man that seeks counsel and that listens to the wisdom of those who are ahead of you. I love to see you with your brother on stage worshiping the Savior...

Oh how I love this man! I am so blessed to be married to you. There are so many ways I have seen you grow over this past year, and during our marriage. I hope you know my deep love, respect, and care for you! Happy Birthday Beloved...

I will post the celebration photos tomorrow! Off we go to birthday dinner....

my "preggo-brain" moment of the day

There are usually more than one of these a day, but this one was worth mentioning...

So I had planned a run to Salvation Army, to get rid of some of the stuff we found in our cleaning efforts... Began gathering everything together...got the water, Tyler's drink, the items to be dropped off, cell phone... got it all.... Put it all in the car.... get the boy and we are off.... without our keys....

At least I had my phone! I didn't even have my car keys, so its not like we could go and visit with a friend till Jordan got home...

I love how the Lord allows such moments, so that we can experience the grace he has waiting for us and give him praise... By his grace ALONE, I was quick to laugh at my dumb self, and pray for help. A moment later, my neighbor walked outside on the phone to another neighbor... who said she "can break into anyone's house..." I wasn't sure how I felt about that boast, but in the circumstances, was willing to see her try!

So her efforts did not open the door, but her 5 year old daughter was able to fit into the kitchen window and open the door for us! I was actually kind of glad she my neighbor couldn't break into our house!!!

With a sigh of relief, I grabbed the keys, and headed out.... We really need to get copies made! Welcome to a day in the life of an absent minded pregnant lady!

and finally... Our Florida Adventures

So, finally I get this post up! As it turns out, Tyler did not have allergies last week, but a nasty cold which he gave to me! Between caring for my poor boy and getting better myself, I have not had much time to sit at the computer and load all the pictures from our trip to Florida!

In the midst of all the sickness, we have also begun to get our house ready for baby Jack... we have three bedrooms, one of which we have been using for an office. It has also become a storage unit for stuff.... so we have been going through our real storage in the basement and attic, to make room for the stuff in the office. We have also been re-organizing the rest of the house, throwing out stuff we just don't need or use... trying to streamline things! We have 3 months till he should arrive, but have a lot to get done over the course of those 3 months (paint the room, train Tyler to sleep in a big boy bed, move everything around in the house, to name a few) Good times!

So now, onto Florida! This picture below is NOT from our trip, but the day before we left. Tyler and I were on our way to pick up something from a friend, and he fell asleep with a chicken nugget in his mouth... It eventually fell out, but was so cute...

So the whole reason we went to Florida, was for the Glorify Conference, hosted by the Orlando Church. Bob was teaching, Jordan, Kerrin, and Devon were teaching seminars, Julie mixed, and most of the girls sang at various points. The church graciously, and lavishly decided to invite us all down, and send us to Disney World for a day! So Thursday night we headed for the airport... BUT we were delayed... 6 hours!!! Our 7:20 flight didn't take off until after 1 am.

So to add to the long delay, and the sea of people waiting around in the airport, we had some explosions in our bags, so that at 3 am when we got them in Florida, they were dripping!!! I won't go into details, but it was messy and wet and got most of Tyler's clothes and things pretty covered! So while Jordan cleaned up that mess, I got the rental car. By the time we were in our rooms at the hotel, it was 5 am. Poor guys, had to teach a seminar at the church at 8:45 am!!!! Ahh, traveling... I am so grateful for the experiences we had on our way to and from Italy. I see now how God was using those trials to prepare my heart for these. There was much grace!

So the conference was great, for what I was able to attend. It was just nice to be with Jordan and Tyler, and see the Lord use him in the lives of others many miles away from our home! I got to drive all around the city and be with Tyler most of the time. It is kinda of fun to be on these little adventures with him! Kristine and I had fun hanging around too, and I am grateful for the time I was given with her.

One day, I took Tyler to lunch at this funny little hot dog shop... we had a mommy/boy date... and I took some of my new favorite pictures of him.

So this is his newest face... he makes it when he says "hold you" and "no"... I love to kiss that little mouth!

My new favorite!

Second runner up!

After visiting with old family friends of the Kauflins, the Phillips, and hanging with people from the church, we headed to Downtown Disney, Sunday night. On our way there, we got stuck in a typical Florida rain storm... but as we were driving, we saw one of the craziest car accidents I have ever seen happen in front of me. A guy did a 180 after fishtailing for a few seconds and eventually crashed into the railing! It was a miracle no one else hit him! That mad our day a little more exciting!

Once we go to Downtown Disney, we made our way in and our first stop was the Lego creations outside... the dragon in the water is made entirely of Legos...

So are the people and dogs here. Tyler was very excited to see the dogs!

We went into this massive store filled to the brim with people and many more stuffed animals...

After dinner, we took Tyler into one more store, and let him pick out a stuffed character to take home...

He went straight for Mickey Mouse...

When Jordan asked him if he wanted to take Micky home with us, he lit up and got all kinds of excited... see below! I was actually able to catch the moment!

So , Tyler has never "talked " to one of his animals before, or pretended with them.... so when he tried giving his bottle to Mickey and talking to him, it was pretty much a shocker to us and the cutest thing ever!

Our little family, Mommy, baby Jack, Mickey, Tyler , and my love, Jordan.

The next morning we checked out of the hotel pretty early. We had to meet the people giving us the passes at 8:45, so we planned to leave the hotel at 7:45. Jordan and I packed the night before, so when we woke up at 7:23, as our alarm did not go off, we didn't freak out too much! Although, sadly, some things were left at the hotel, that I am still trying to get back!

So off we went to Animal Kingdom to get our tickets. Unfortunately there was a slight problem with some of the tickets, so we ended up waiting for a good while. The kids were fun to watch run around . They were all so excited. These photos were outside and inside Rainforest Cafe.

Tyler kept squealing, "FIIIISSSHHHHEEEEEE"

The whole crowd before we got all sweaty and sticky from the heat!

Finally on our way....

Waiting in line for the Pooh ride... Tyler loves his Pop pop!

On the Pooh ride... Jordan always made it fun for the boy...

Waiting in line for Dumbo...

On the Dumbo Ride...
Cinderella's Castle... We didn't go in it, but you can't have gone to Disney World without taking at least one picture of the castle!

We were trying to get to the entrance of the park, so we could head over to MGM, but got stopped by a parade. Tyler might have liked this, but he was fast asleep in the stroller.

We felt so sorry for all the characters, as it was close to 100 degrees with such high humidity! We were sweating just watching them dance around! We left Magic Kingdom and headed over to MGM for some of the other shows...

This shot is for Hemi..!! :) When we entered MGM, this was the first thing that greeted us... a float/parade to the center, where they did a little performance.

So after we saw the Muppets 3D, we headed over to see a stunt show spectacular. And sweat so much! It was pretty hot out!

Tyler was pretty into it!

So then we hung around some more, said our goodbyes, and headed to the airport. We droped off the cars, checked in, and waited a little bit, as our flight was delayed AGAIN, but this time only an hour or so. Then we were off!!! We got home at 2 am, and my dear husband was off again to work first thing in the morning... he is my hero.

Glad to be back, glad to be feeling better, and glad to have air conditioning!!!

A quick Update

We got back LATE Monday night from Orlando... and have been battling allergies since! Even Tyler has a super runny nose and sneezes!

Our trip to Orlando was not without incident, and our family has since referred to us as being "cursed"... oh well, stories and pictures to come!

For now, we had our monthly check-up at the Dr. today. Finally gaining some weight. Total weight gain is 6 lbs total, which is great. I was 14 lbs heavier with Tyler... yikes! Little boy has a strong heart beat and the hiccups while we were listening to the steady rhythm. I love this sound... one of the best things about pregnancy! Next appointment is the big glucose test... not looking forward to that, but I have a whole month to gear up for it!

I think we have decided on a name for little boy... Jackson. And we will call him Jack... still working on a middle name...

Florida pictures tomorrow!

What we have been up to...

It has been almost a month since we returned from our adventures overseas, and we have had so much fun getting back into a normal routine of summer living. Tyler has been so much fun to be with and I have been trying to keep the days as fun as possible for him, while getting things done around here!

When we got home, he was opening and closing all the doors and found a bag of chocolate cookies, which he helped himself to for breakfast one morning... he is a cutie chocolate faced boy!

We also went blueberry picking two times! I was afraid we had missed the season while we were gone, but Larriland farm came up huge! We were able to get over 5 lbs in the two trips, and I have actually been able to freeze some! Tyler LOVES blueberries! He also loved the goat in the picture below!

I had a hard time getting him to NOT eat the unripened berries... but he would just walk up to the bushes and say, "Mmmmm, berrryyy, yummy, mmmmm." And then stuff them in his mouth!
My mom went with us one day... it was a fun time. She actually dropped her prescription sunglasses somewhere in the field, and didn't notice until we were back in the car... she went looking for them, while Tyler and I prayed and cooled off in the car. She came back empty handed, but trusting the Lord... so then I decided another pair of eyes might help, so this time she cooled off in the car, while I looked. And as I was praying that God would help me to find them, for his glory, I looked down the path, and there they were! He is so kind to us! Even in the smallest details of our little lives!

We also went to the Germantown Splash Park with Hemi and Siena.... and my little boy had a blast! He has no fear of the water, and was running into all the blasts of water. He laughed when in went all over his face! He is crazy!
He just walked around the park, checking out the different fountains...

We have also been to the pool many times. Over the course of 5 or 6 trips to the pool, we decided Tyler needs a life jacket. Like I said before, he has NO fear of the water, even when he is drowning. I have tried to let him see that he cannot stand in certain parts, but that has not deterred him one bit.

While making dinner, we have also discovered he likes to be with mommy. He even likes to "help." So I put my apron on the boy, and let him play in the water... what a mess!!

He had a blast though, and I was able to get dinner cooked!

The latest thing he likes to do is be "Super Baby"... he runs around the house with his cape tied around his neck and shouts... "Super BBAAABBBAYYY".. I will put a video clip of this up soon!

One not super hot day we went on a walk around the Rio with Rakel and Janelle... Tyler loved the duckies, he even shared his Cheese Puffs with them. He kept trying to put his legs through the bars. I was just waiting for his shoe to fall off into the water!

As for me, I am getting bigger and bigger, although still way smaller than I was with Tyler. Not sure about weight gain, my Dr. appointment is next week. This little boy sure does move around a whole lot. Jordan has been able to feel him squirming many times, and you can even see my tummy move when he is active. I have a feeling this one is going to keep me very busy!

Now that Tyler is down to 1 nap a day, we have been trying different things to occupy him in the morning when I have things to get done. Room time has not been successful so far, but we will keep trying! For now, he just follows we around the house, shouting, "MOOOOOMMMMEEEE"
getting into whatever I allow him to!

The most recent thing we have done is go blackberry picking... we actually went yesterday, one of the hottest days we have had so far!!! It was so hot, even at 10 am!

The one nice thing about going when it is hot, is that NO ONE is there! Butlers came up huge this year. I picked almost 6lbs in under 30 minutes. Tyler was my bucket holder, after sampling a few berries...

At one point he came up to me, with little beads of sweat on his face, and climbed into my arms... I knew he was all done at that point!

So we cooled off in the car, he drank some water, and I cooled down too.. before going out to one more field and getting a quart of raspberries. I left the boy with books and water and the AC blasting for this quick picking!

The results were yummy! Two gallon sized zip locks full of frozen berries... can't wait for the smoothies and cobblers to come!

And now, we are off to Orlando Florida for the Worship Conference... We will be back Monday night, with pictures and updates! Have a great weekend!