Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family blog. This may be your first visit here, or you may be a friend from across the globe, or family that we have just seen. Who ever you may be, thanks for taking the time to read about our little family, and all we are learning on this adventure the Lord has called us to live! Here you will find, the random thoughts, funny stories, prayer requests, and the journey our family and Jack is on with his battle with Leukemia.

Blogger Frustrations....

Just so you know... I have been blogging lately- except none of them show up on my blog.... I have done 4 posts over the past few weeks, and when I go to see if they post--- nothing... so I apologize to the faithful few who continue to look at our blog... to see nothing updated.... I will try again!!! For now... here is a cute picture of our little family when we cut down our Christmas Tree this past weekend.

Indian Summer- CG Retreat

Well, belive it or not.... we went to the beach ONE LAST TIME! We were invited to go to VA Beach with our CG to stay in a lovely beach house for free!!! Who can pass that up?? So our whole Caregroup packed up and headed south! It was pretty crazy that everyone could go! It was perfect! We had a great time with everyone and made some great memories! Here are just a few of the many pictures we took! and yes- we were all in tanks and shorts in November!!!

Our brave guys.... ventured out into the ocean! They all said they were numb when they got out... But I guess it was worth it!

Dadda and his boy!

There was a huge sand crab on the beach that Paul decided to torture! Tyler wanted to kick it. He kept trying to get at it with his feet... with the help of his daddy!

Baby Siena gave me smile in her sleep on the 7 hour ride down (yes, I said 7 hours!!! We got stuck in so much traffic) and Siena slept the whole time!

Our little family taking Tyler for a walk! He is actually taking steps now, for those of you who did not know! (Not by himself, but he sure can cruise when you hold his hands!)

All the girls!!!

This time- Tyler not only enjoyed playing in the sand- he also enjoyed eating the sand! He was even licking his fingers!

Mary was the resident photographer!

This time it is final... goodbye Summer... see you in a little while!

My Heroes

I want you to meet my personal heroes and friends, the Smiths. They have led a life worthy of honor over the past 9 months, as they have waited for the birth and imminent death of their baby boy, due to a fatal genetic defect. I have never seen such faith demonstrated, as I have seen it clearly in the lives of Jon and Jenni Smith. Every time I read of their courage and faith in God- my heart is filled with an awareness of how great the compassion our Savior has for us. He cherishes every tear and every heartache. This gives me peace as I pray for and grieve with my friends.

To read more on their remarkable faith and the story of God's merciful grace on their lives please visit here

"Our memory of God's goodness if often crushed by pain. When you suffer sharp pain, or weary aches, or a high fever, you tend to forget the days of health and strength. You only remember the sharp intervals of weakness and sorrow. When you stand over the grave of a loved one, you are likely in the loss to forget the loan. When a dear one is taken, a precious loan has been called by its Owner. We ought to be grateful to have been allowed to borrow the comfort. We should not complain when the owner takes what He kindly lent- the husband or wife of all these years, the child who nestled in your embrace, the friend that you enjoyed for half a lifetime, the brother who was such a comfort all his days. When these loved ones are gone, do not look at their going, but thank God that you had them. Bless a taking and a giving God, who only takes what He gave. We live too much in the present. We strike a mark of oblivion across the happy past, and we look with dread on the unknown future. We dwell on the trouble of the present and forget the Lord's mercy. Do not let memory fail because of the present crushing sorrow. May the Holy Spirit help your infirmities and bring His lovingkindness from past years to your memory." - Spurgeon, Beside Still Waters

Harvest Party

Sorry for the delay in getting these pictures posted! They are over a week old!!! Enjoy!

Our little football star! Thanks to my sister- he was all decked out in North Carolina Blue!!!

A little family fun!

This is my cousin Dave and Tyler's second cousin, I think.

Ethan was Superman- so Tyler tried to tackle him....

Cousins... I think Julia was dressed up as a baby...

This is Tyler's new face he keeps making...

Girlie fell asleep the whole time at the Harvets Party.... She was a little tired lion.

Our cutie pie...

Some Black and Whites

Just some fun recent pictures of my cutie pie!

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Jordan was getting Tyler ready for his bath- and I caught this picture....

Dont' worry... Tyler made it to the bath without any incidents! Lucky for Dadda!
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