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A vacation at the shore...

Each year, we go on a vacation with the Kauflin family. This is a break from every day life, filled with much sunbathing, relaxing, reading and resting. The beach was beautiful! We stayed in a big house with the Kauflins, Russells, Simmons, and the other Kauflins (Devon and Kristine)! It is a full house! But it also makes for lots of memories and good times!

Our little family of three at Jocky's Ridge... our first family picture!

It is hard to believe that just last summer I was pregnant with this little boy, and that those little fingers and toes were growing inside me! Amazing!

Ah... the beach! This picture is courtesy of Brittany, who chose to get up one morning with Girlie and watch the sun rise!

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mrs. c said...

thanks for sharing your vaca with us
thru your beautiful PHOTOS.

. . . southern shores, NC . . .here we come -
hope you got the beach ready for all of us . . .
the smart/campbell families september trip!

sun - surf - sand . . .

Nora said...

SO CUTE!!!! I love Tyler's hair... hope to hear all about it...The beach is making me jealous! Remember the Pelican together? :) My family thinks I'm crazy for driving all that way for a weekend. But this weekend we're doing it and going to Mexico to surprise Emily in Juarez!