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Helping Mommy Cook

Tyler loves to be in the kitchen with me. Whenever a pot is full of boiling water- he stares at the steam in wonder.... he is facinated with the microwave, as it lights up and beeps at us... and loves to play with any utensils I am not using. So it has become a tradition, that when dinner time rolls around, you will find this little "chef in the making" working with his momma!

Although he uses most of the utensils for teething objects...

I dont know what he is thinking... but it sure is cute.

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Andree and Becca Kless said...

very cute Tali! it looks like he has a great time "cooking" with his momma.

Charisa said...
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Charisa said...

Can ther BE a cuter little boy?!

mrs.c said...

. . . a chef in the making & baking.

memories & funtimes!

great PHOTOS - great blog.

Prellis said...

He looks like he is a BIG help, and lots of fun!