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Indian Summer- CG Retreat

Well, belive it or not.... we went to the beach ONE LAST TIME! We were invited to go to VA Beach with our CG to stay in a lovely beach house for free!!! Who can pass that up?? So our whole Caregroup packed up and headed south! It was pretty crazy that everyone could go! It was perfect! We had a great time with everyone and made some great memories! Here are just a few of the many pictures we took! and yes- we were all in tanks and shorts in November!!!

Our brave guys.... ventured out into the ocean! They all said they were numb when they got out... But I guess it was worth it!

Dadda and his boy!

There was a huge sand crab on the beach that Paul decided to torture! Tyler wanted to kick it. He kept trying to get at it with his feet... with the help of his daddy!

Baby Siena gave me smile in her sleep on the 7 hour ride down (yes, I said 7 hours!!! We got stuck in so much traffic) and Siena slept the whole time!

Our little family taking Tyler for a walk! He is actually taking steps now, for those of you who did not know! (Not by himself, but he sure can cruise when you hold his hands!)

All the girls!!!

This time- Tyler not only enjoyed playing in the sand- he also enjoyed eating the sand! He was even licking his fingers!

Mary was the resident photographer!

This time it is final... goodbye Summer... see you in a little while!