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My Heroes

I want you to meet my personal heroes and friends, the Smiths. They have led a life worthy of honor over the past 9 months, as they have waited for the birth and imminent death of their baby boy, due to a fatal genetic defect. I have never seen such faith demonstrated, as I have seen it clearly in the lives of Jon and Jenni Smith. Every time I read of their courage and faith in God- my heart is filled with an awareness of how great the compassion our Savior has for us. He cherishes every tear and every heartache. This gives me peace as I pray for and grieve with my friends.

To read more on their remarkable faith and the story of God's merciful grace on their lives please visit here

"Our memory of God's goodness if often crushed by pain. When you suffer sharp pain, or weary aches, or a high fever, you tend to forget the days of health and strength. You only remember the sharp intervals of weakness and sorrow. When you stand over the grave of a loved one, you are likely in the loss to forget the loan. When a dear one is taken, a precious loan has been called by its Owner. We ought to be grateful to have been allowed to borrow the comfort. We should not complain when the owner takes what He kindly lent- the husband or wife of all these years, the child who nestled in your embrace, the friend that you enjoyed for half a lifetime, the brother who was such a comfort all his days. When these loved ones are gone, do not look at their going, but thank God that you had them. Bless a taking and a giving God, who only takes what He gave. We live too much in the present. We strike a mark of oblivion across the happy past, and we look with dread on the unknown future. We dwell on the trouble of the present and forget the Lord's mercy. Do not let memory fail because of the present crushing sorrow. May the Holy Spirit help your infirmities and bring His lovingkindness from past years to your memory." - Spurgeon, Beside Still Waters