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3 Years, 16 Months, and 10 Weeks

This past week we celebrated 3 years of marriage together! it has been such a wonderful 3 years, and has flown by! God has been so faithful to us, as we reflected back on his goodness to us, and the grace in our marriage. I love my husband more today, respect him more, and cherish him more! He has grown dearer to me with each passing day, month, and year.

Here are some pictures from three years ago! I didn't know how to make them any smaller, so enjoy the BIG version!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Little Ethan (only 2 and a half then) was a little nervous going down the aisle, and so Megan was trying to convince him to go for it! He ended up being carried.. which was just as cute!

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The masterpiece my mother-in-aw designed and created, and broke many fire code laws with!!! This was my dream come to true for my wedding, and I will never forget the labor of love that it was to pay for (Mom and Dad) or create (Julie)!

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So, my darling husband sought to bless me by borrowing his friends Cutlass Convertible for our anniversary date night. It was a sweet ride and I happen to think he looked especially handsome driving it!

So, I looked like an egg roll in my blanket and scarf... but in a convertible, in 40-50 degree weather, what are you gonna do? Even though it was a bit chilly, it was memorable and so much fun!

Tyler is just getting bigger and bigger! He is 16 months old now, and WALKING!!! Praise the Lord! He still only has 4 teeth, but I can see 4 more on the verge of popping through. This past Saturday, we took him to Dunkin Doughnuts for a little family outing. He loved his glazed doughnut as you can see below!

And as for me, baby in my tummy is a happy 10 weeks old. Still not "showing" although my waist line is slowly disappearing and my pudgy tummy looks more pudgy than before!!! I guess I am going to have to be OK with posting pictures of myself that are less than flattering if I am going to keep you up with the developments... yikes! Still not feeling 100%... still pretty tired most of the day and nauseous. Most food sounds pretty gross by the time it comes for eating! But I am so grateful to God that He is sustaining this baby in me! next appointment is next week, so I will post updates again then!


Hemi said...

Aww..great photo update, Tal! Happy 3yrs again!!

Kelley Murphy said...

HUGE props to Jordan for that car! wow!

Charisa said...

Aww... isn't it true what they say about time flying when you have fun?! It seems like yesterday...well maybe last month...you were getting married. Love you!

Tessa Foster said...

Man your wedding was so beautiful! Just gorgeous! Seems like it was just yesterday. 3 years sure do fly by! Well, happy happy anniversary to you both ;)