Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family blog. This may be your first visit here, or you may be a friend from across the globe, or family that we have just seen. Who ever you may be, thanks for taking the time to read about our little family, and all we are learning on this adventure the Lord has called us to live! Here you will find, the random thoughts, funny stories, prayer requests, and the journey our family and Jack is on with his battle with Leukemia.

What we have been up to...

It has been almost a month since we returned from our adventures overseas, and we have had so much fun getting back into a normal routine of summer living. Tyler has been so much fun to be with and I have been trying to keep the days as fun as possible for him, while getting things done around here!

When we got home, he was opening and closing all the doors and found a bag of chocolate cookies, which he helped himself to for breakfast one morning... he is a cutie chocolate faced boy!

We also went blueberry picking two times! I was afraid we had missed the season while we were gone, but Larriland farm came up huge! We were able to get over 5 lbs in the two trips, and I have actually been able to freeze some! Tyler LOVES blueberries! He also loved the goat in the picture below!

I had a hard time getting him to NOT eat the unripened berries... but he would just walk up to the bushes and say, "Mmmmm, berrryyy, yummy, mmmmm." And then stuff them in his mouth!
My mom went with us one day... it was a fun time. She actually dropped her prescription sunglasses somewhere in the field, and didn't notice until we were back in the car... she went looking for them, while Tyler and I prayed and cooled off in the car. She came back empty handed, but trusting the Lord... so then I decided another pair of eyes might help, so this time she cooled off in the car, while I looked. And as I was praying that God would help me to find them, for his glory, I looked down the path, and there they were! He is so kind to us! Even in the smallest details of our little lives!

We also went to the Germantown Splash Park with Hemi and Siena.... and my little boy had a blast! He has no fear of the water, and was running into all the blasts of water. He laughed when in went all over his face! He is crazy!
He just walked around the park, checking out the different fountains...

We have also been to the pool many times. Over the course of 5 or 6 trips to the pool, we decided Tyler needs a life jacket. Like I said before, he has NO fear of the water, even when he is drowning. I have tried to let him see that he cannot stand in certain parts, but that has not deterred him one bit.

While making dinner, we have also discovered he likes to be with mommy. He even likes to "help." So I put my apron on the boy, and let him play in the water... what a mess!!

He had a blast though, and I was able to get dinner cooked!

The latest thing he likes to do is be "Super Baby"... he runs around the house with his cape tied around his neck and shouts... "Super BBAAABBBAYYY".. I will put a video clip of this up soon!

One not super hot day we went on a walk around the Rio with Rakel and Janelle... Tyler loved the duckies, he even shared his Cheese Puffs with them. He kept trying to put his legs through the bars. I was just waiting for his shoe to fall off into the water!

As for me, I am getting bigger and bigger, although still way smaller than I was with Tyler. Not sure about weight gain, my Dr. appointment is next week. This little boy sure does move around a whole lot. Jordan has been able to feel him squirming many times, and you can even see my tummy move when he is active. I have a feeling this one is going to keep me very busy!

Now that Tyler is down to 1 nap a day, we have been trying different things to occupy him in the morning when I have things to get done. Room time has not been successful so far, but we will keep trying! For now, he just follows we around the house, shouting, "MOOOOOMMMMEEEE"
getting into whatever I allow him to!

The most recent thing we have done is go blackberry picking... we actually went yesterday, one of the hottest days we have had so far!!! It was so hot, even at 10 am!

The one nice thing about going when it is hot, is that NO ONE is there! Butlers came up huge this year. I picked almost 6lbs in under 30 minutes. Tyler was my bucket holder, after sampling a few berries...

At one point he came up to me, with little beads of sweat on his face, and climbed into my arms... I knew he was all done at that point!

So we cooled off in the car, he drank some water, and I cooled down too.. before going out to one more field and getting a quart of raspberries. I left the boy with books and water and the AC blasting for this quick picking!

The results were yummy! Two gallon sized zip locks full of frozen berries... can't wait for the smoothies and cobblers to come!

And now, we are off to Orlando Florida for the Worship Conference... We will be back Monday night, with pictures and updates! Have a great weekend!