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The FAIR!!!

This past Monday we went to the fair! Our annual trip (although we took off last year)! We could not have asked for a better day! The weather was perfect, the fair wasn't too crowded... it was just so much fun!

When Tyler was just 8 months old, I took a picture of him sitting on the fire truck!

So, if you notice the little hand pulling the ear of the poor sheep... yeah, so Tyler was not intimidated by ANY of the animals! He wanted to pet, hit and ride all of them! I didn't see he was pulling the poor sheep's ear until I looked at the picture in my viewfinder!

This isn't the clearest picture, but I thought it was so cute that while he was trying to touch the dogs tongue he stuck his out... so cute!

Sweet cousins!

Second pony ride ever...

I just loved watching Julie with the horses. She used to ride competitively when she was a teenager, and it is so sweet to see her heart still have so much affection and love for the sport.

Ice cream face....

Jack got some too...

And then after a long day at the fair, they both passed out!

Can't wait til next year!