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Baby Update!

We are a happy 20 weeks and 4 days here at the Kauflin Casa! Baby BOY #3 is doing so well, kicking and swimming around quite happily in my tummy. We had our big ultrasound a week ago and to our great surprise, we found another healthy little boy squirming around like crazy. The sonographer was "chasing" after him to get the shots she needed. So, all the little flutters I had been feeling for a few weeks, look like they are heading up to be some big ones not too far from now, if he keeps up all that moving around!

He weighed around 11 oz and was right on the due date from my 8 week sono. I was never sure what my exact due date was, because the due date according to my LMP and the 8 week sono were not the same. So we were waiting until the 20 week to get a confirmation of the due date. So now, it is officially November 29th. A week exactly after Jack's birthday!

So far, in the world of pregnancy, things are pretty much textbook. All the aches and pains and funny things the books talk about, seem to be happening! Sleeping on my back is a thing of the past, and how I miss those nights! We have both been able to feel little buddy from the outside now! I have been able to keep the weight gain down to 8 lbs, and as much as I wish it were a little less, those Coke slurpees have been too good to resist, and so I blame myself entirely! So I have finally crosssed over from just looking fat, to actually looking pregnant!

Here are some sono's of our boy. In case anyone wanted proof that he was a boy, I included the pictures of his "parts", which he was NOT bashfull of showing at all!


Brandy said...

YAY for sweet baby boys!! Just think if the time comes when you have a little girlie- she will be well protected by her big brothers!:o)

Anonymous said...

Tali you look gorgeous!!!I can't wait to meet your new sweet boy!!!! Love you girly
Love D

Lindsey Knott said...

Congrats Tali!!! Your hair looks great that long by the way!! :)

Mike and Sarah said...

Those sono pics are really great! He's already photogenic! -)

Jess said...

So cute! We are having a boy too...who wasn't shy at his sono either! I'm just a few days behind you.

Evy said...

So exciting Tali! :) Marcus was born the 29th so maybe they'll share a birthday! :)