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.tender heart.

Tonight, the Lord graciously allowed me to see the tenderness and softening of heart he is doing in my little boys life. We were out for a little bit this evening, and Tyler and Jack were in bed sleeping for the night. When we came home, I saw his bedroom door open, but he was sleeping soundly in his bed. Upon further attention to the details of our little home, I noticed a little box that was once home to some gummy candies. Tyler, at some point, gotten out of bed and helped himself to a little bedtime snack. Thankfully, this box was not full!

So, this is where the evidence of a tender heart is seen... a few minutes after 10, after he had been in bed for some time, he came out of his room, bleary eyed and sleepy, but clearly upset. He walked right into my arms, and with soft tears told me he was sad, he told me he had disobeyed and had gotten out of bed and ate the candy. He sniffed out a " please forgive me for disobeying" and snuggled me closer. What a tender soul to be unable to sleep because of this disobedience.

I told him how happy I was that he told me, that I completely forgave him, and that I loved him. Oh to be as tender hearted in my own life when I disobey the Lord. Sweet boy. Kind heavenly father who always forgives.


Lindsey Knott said...

That is one of the sweetest stories I have ever heard Tali!! Praise God for his little heart that is sinful YET ALREADY bent towards the understanding of this sin and the glorious release of forgiveness and grace!!! You are a blessed mama girl!!

Brandy said...

What a wonderful story. So sweet. What wonderful fruit of faithful parenting as well as God's sweet grace.