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All this rain, makes me long for those sunny blue skies we had just this past weekend! I know the rains will make for greener grass, but boy do I miss playing outside. The boys, however, are really enjoying making mud pies.

I don't have much to report on. Life has been returning to "normal" since we got home from the hospital. Jack is feeling good and he has definitely fully recovered from his suffering he endured just one month ago. The kids are learning to play and share, to differ to one another. We are staying home a lot, helping them to learn to obey and trying to avoid spending money unnecessarily (which happens whenever I go near Target)! We have really just been hunkering down at home, enjoying each other, and getting some routine in place, chores established and order.

I took out one of my favorite lenses for my camera and rediscovered why I liked it so much. I spent the afternoon the other day taking pictures of my yard and our fig tree, my kids, and the messes they make in their wake. Good times.

So since I don't have much to say, here are some pretties to look at on a rainy day.







mo said...

Dylan is getting so big! I miss you all so much...come visit! love you!