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.jack update.

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Jack went into the clinic today, for his monthly chemo and a spinal tap, only to have the spinal tap postponed for another month because his counts were too low. We have been fighting a bad cold here for the past week, with fevers and stuffy heads and lots of runny noses. Jack had been dealing with a low grace fever off and on for a couple days, and a pretty severe cough resulting in a lot of nebulizer treatments. He seems to be feeling better, but this cold/fever thing has his counts really low. His ANC was only 800.

In the past, when Jack is sick with a cold of some sort, his ANC goes way high. So I was actually surprised that it had dropped so low. So after a shorter visit to the clinic to get his IV Chemo and counts checked, they listened to his breathing and the anaesthesiologist was not comfortable putting him under with the wheezing she heard, along with the low counts.

So we go back in two weeks for a count check/blood draw and in one month for the spinal tap.

As we approach cold/flu season and now that we have a child in school everyday, I am a little more concerned about sickness creeping its way into our home. I am praying for the Lord's protection over our family and Jack.

He starts his monthly week of steroids today. These are tough times for Jack, and so we are gearing up for a week of a messy house and a kitchen always running and tears flowing. Poor buddy doesn't know what to do with all the emotions he feels. But thankfully there is an end in sight, 5 days and counting.

Another update coming soon, i hope.


Will and Sena said...

praying for you, tali and jackers. it must be overwhelming looking ahead to what will surely be a difficult week. i will pray for grace for each moment, peace, and faith in God's loving care for you.

let's get our date for an October play date! miss you.