Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family blog. This may be your first visit here, or you may be a friend from across the globe, or family that we have just seen. Who ever you may be, thanks for taking the time to read about our little family, and all we are learning on this adventure the Lord has called us to live! Here you will find, the random thoughts, funny stories, prayer requests, and the journey our family and Jack is on with his battle with Leukemia.

Our Story

Our story sounds like that of many other families in the world. A boy meets a girl, girl likes boy, boy takes his sweet time figuring out just how perfect girl is for boy... they get together, they fall in love, and they get married. Then come the sweet babies... three little boys later, here we are, a family of 5, blessed beyond measure.

Jordan and I have a story, like most people... I am not sure how much to tell here, how much you actually need or even want to know! This blog has gone from being my personal reflections on motherhood, food, life, and the funny things my little boys do each day. And it is still that.

On February 10, 2010, our second son, Jack, was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was a little over 2 years old, and then this blog became a tool to update those who would pray, a place to document the journey we were on, and a testimony to God's faithfulness to us during this time.

So much of what describes who we are, and what our story is about, can be summed up in this: we are weak, we are needy, and God is strong and faithful. I hope to add to this story more details of who we are, but for now, welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read about us.