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Italian Night

Tyler got to see his Great Grandma Rose and Aunts and Uncles and even a second cousin last night. He did great, being passed around for all to see... well except for when his cousin Eric held him...We are so grateful to God to have our family so close. We want Tyler to grow up aware of how blessed he is to have this kind of family. When I think of how many children in the United States, grow up without a relationship to their extended family, I remember how truly blessed we are. By God's grace, we have been able to maintain these bonds through many trials and joys.

The Lord has given my son a great inheritance indeed... he is already the recipient of so much love and care and he is totally oblivious to it! Isn't that how we are more often than not, about the rich blessings the Lord has put around our own lives.

I know that, like Tyler, I am clueless to the many blessings and provisions the Lord has mercifully placed around me daily. I need help to see them, to be reminded of them, as I often am distracted by things of this world. It is times when my family is together that I am reminded again of all he has given me.