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4 Month Check-Up

My little peanut had his 4 month Dr.'s visit yesterday... As usual, I look forward to these visits, so I can get the scoop on my growing boy! Here is what he is weighing in at:

15lbs 8 oz (he has gained 2lbs 3 oz, and this is the 60th percentile)
25.75 inches long (he has grown 2.75 inches, and this is in the 90th percentile- so hopefully he will be tall like his daddy!)
16.5 inches around his little head (he has grown .75 inches, and this is the 50th percentile)

Overall he has grown quite a bit since birth... almost doubling his birth weight and has grown 4 inches longer... no wonder he just looks so big! He is!

The Dr. said he looks great and that it appears that he is thriving as a boy being nursed! He did get some shots, and it seemed he cried harder this time than he did at the 2 month check-up. I chose not to take any pictures this time... as he was just too sad. But here is one from when we got home later that day...

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