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This post is coming a week later than I would have liked... you see, we had the opportunity to visit to Great-Grandparents two weeks ago, and it has been very busy since then.

It was such a treat to visit with our family... both mine and Jordan's. We are so blessed to have family close enough to share a bit of our lives with!

On Mother's Day, we drove up to PA with my parents to visit Grandma Rose and Aunt Trish And Uncle Dave. It is always a joy to spend time with them. I have so many wonderful memories of years past with them, and now am making new ones with my own son. It is just amazing to watch my Grandmother holding my son. It just blesses me so much that God has kept my family close and together over the years.

The next day, we packed up and headed south to somewhere in VA... not sure where we were exactly...good thing I wasn't driving. All I know is that Bob knew the way! So we drove for about 2 1/2 hours to visit Bob's dad for his 80th birthday! It was so special to introduce him to his great grandson! Tyler is a fourth generation Kauflin boy, carrying on the family name!

We are hoping for many more years with these GREAT GRANDPARENTS, and many more such visits! Posted by Picasa


mrs.c said...

just to wonderful - the generations, the timeline of life.

thanks for sharing your visit with us -
thanks for posting such precious PHOTOS

. . . love the black & white.

- mrs. c