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A Day at the Pool

Although it looked like a dreary day today, we decided it was time to hit the pool with Grandma. So we packed up the car and headed north. As we arrived, I still was not sure it would be the best day for the pool, but we braved it and headed over. As we got all unpacked and put all our lotion on.. the sun began to peak out and the day looked more promising. Tyler seemed more eager to face the water than his mommy.

Upon first touch, the water seemed too cold to enjoy. Tyler even let out a few initial protests... until the sun came out and we all welcomed the coolness of the water... that is, until his mom decided he needed to get used to the water.... over his head.....

Where he immediately let me know he did NOT like being dunked under water.... (just to those of you who may question my reasoning for doing such a mean thing to a baby... I used to be a lifeguard, and taught a swimming class called "Water Babies." Part of the class, was to remind the baby to hold his breath by blowing in their face while dunking them... and thus helping them not to fear the water being over their head, or inhaling the water.)

But as soon as we had a moment to dry off and calm down, life was all back to it's normal state... where Tyler was found putting anything and everything in his mouth.

We will see how much he likes the water next adventure at the pool! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

You have a very beautiful son!