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Fireworks in Frederick!

Wednesday night we went to the Urbana Firefighters Fireworks show with my mom. It was Tyler's first time to see and hear fireworks! He was asleep for the 4th of July.

He looked amazed and stunned to see them going off in the distance!

My parents neighborhood is just across the street from where they do the show! So it is so convenient to just drive up to the parking lot at the edge of the neighborhood and sit on our car! Very nice!
I was trying to take pictures with my "fireworks" mode on our camera... and had a little difficulty getting a good shot... this was the best one! And trust me, I took a lot! Jordan, Tyler and mom were all going blind from the barrage of flashes coming from my camera!

This was the 4th year I have gone to see these fireworks with my family! Looks like it is the makings of a tradition! The fireworks accompany a fair the firemen put on each year to raise funds. It was a little too hot and Tyler a little too small to do more than watch the show. Next year we will try out some rides!

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