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A "Super" Reunion

This past Saturday, my high school was supposed to have what they called a "Mega- Reunion" where all the different classes that graduated from Montrose could come together for one big reunion and hear about the initiatives the school was planning to take. Well, unfortunately, it was not so super! There might have been 40 people there!

However, it was great to see my two buddies from Elementary school. Many memories were spent with these two girls! Kara Johnston on the left and Lindsay Zarah on the right. Not pictured were Christa Hoyos and Steve Pennington (and that was it from our graduation year).

Many friends promised to come, but few showed up! Some might say it was due to the lame name of this reunion, others might suggest it is due to the menu they served us (fried chicken and bring our own sides...).

Never the less, it was fun to visit the halls of the school I spent 13 years learning in. Kindergarten thru 12th grade, it was hard to believe all the time spent there as we walked the halls, that once seemed so big. Somehow, in certain hallways, the smells were still the same.

There is something sweet about taking your own child and husband down the halls where you once dreamed of having a child and a husband.

I guess for the rest of my class to have a reunion, we had better wait until the 10 or 20 year... at least more people might come for that one! Posted by Picasa