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Surprise Surprise!

At the last minute, Jordan and I decided to go down to North Carolina to visit my dad (who was on business) and my sister (who lives there). My mom was going down to see them, so we decided this would be a great opportunity to surprise and delight them! So we arrived in NC at 1:45 am (after getting lost!), and all fell asleep straight away! Then we planned to surprise dad first. We put Tyler on the floor in front of my parents Hotel room and knocked!

It was adorable! See the surprise on my dad's face!!

Next stop was my sister's house... although she figured out that we were coming down, she did a great job acting surprised! This is her and her husband Wes, upon our arrival!

We all went to a community art festival... walked around and saw the sites... it was quite hot and very crowded... but great to be together.

Then we headed to the pool for a cool down...

Wes's daughter , McKenzie , was with us for the weekend... It was great to see her too.

Everyone came over to my sister's house for a bar-b-que. Tyler got to open a belated baby shower gift from Lotte's sister in law. He was way more interested in eating the paper than opening the gifts. McKenzie and Jenna (sister-in-laws daughter) had to help him...

Then it came time to say goodbye to my dear sister.... sad.... but hopefully we wil see her sweet face again very soon! We love you Lotte!


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. . . just to fun - hahahah!

enjoy enjoy enjoy - mrs. c