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The Last Hurrah!

For most of you, summer had officially ended a few weeks ago, when we had to take out our fall clothes for some surprising fall weather! Well, we decided to hold onto summer with all our might and headed to the beach for one last hurrah of the summer!

So we packed up our cars, and headed down to Southern Shores, North Carolina for one last trip to the beach! We were with the whole Kauflin Family and the Simmons Family too. It was, as usual, a full house!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of our time at the beach!

The beach would be hot one day and cool the next...

Can you tell we love our kids???

Young love again.... I tell you, these two might be meant for eachother....

This was our traditional breakfast out morning... each time we go to the beach, we spend one morning at a coffee shop and walk around! It has been so sweet to now include Tyler in this.

Dadda and his boy....


So I have to explain these two pictures... Here Chel and I were posing for pictures, that we thought were full body shots... so we were being a little silly... only to find out it was a close up!

OK, so this boat was in the water... going kind of fast towards the shore, when all of a sudden it pulled up onto the beach and drove down the shore... it was a boat-car, or a car-boat.... not sure which... but it was the strangest thing I have seen at the beach!

My cutie pie!

Can't wait till next summer!!! But so looking forward to fall!!!!!


Heather said...

so sweet, tali! btw, i just (randomly)came across a blog (something like "finding lucy")...anyway, the lady knows you from way back and quoted you on a post entitled "babies." you've make quite an impression on her through your godly to be a mom and stay at home with your little boy.