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Welcome to the world Siena!!!

Congratulations to Steve and Hemi on the wonderful birth of little Siena! She was born yesterday, Thursday, October 5 at 2:18 pm.

She arrived just 3 days before her due date, to Hemi's great joy! She weighed 7lb, 8oz and is 20.5 inches long! Hemi had a labor just like her mom! NO epidural.... minimal pain... and pushed for only 20 minutes! We can all hope for that kind of delivery!

She has a full head of black hair!!! Hemi is doing great!

This little one is a cutie and future friend of our big boy!

We are so happy to have you in the world! Posted by Picasa


Andree and Becca Kless said...


megan russell said...

woohoo!!! rejoicing with steve & hemi on the arrival of another new friend for julia :)

Prellis said...

Wow!! Excited for Steve & Hemi, and amazed that she only pushed for 20min. That's great!

The Murphys said...

i want that labor. i pray for that labor.

what a cute little girlie!