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A tribute to my mom...

I just wanted to take a few moments to honor my mom... She is the BEST mom, the BEST Grandma, and the BEST friend a girl could have. She has faithfully been our #1 babysitter for Tyler, rarely turning down an opportunity to serve us. She comes all the way down from Frederick several times a week, just to hang out with me and Tyler, shop with us, and bring us little things we might need.

She shows my son the most tender love, and he simply adores her. Here is a picture of the face she gets every time she walks in the door.

When she is over to watch Tyler for our date night, and I am up stairs getting ready to go, I can hear them both laughing so loud.. it brings me so much joy to know that my son loves my mom.

And she has been faithful to watch over and care for my son since he was first born. We have been able to take a weekly date night together, knowing that my mom would be there for the past year. Mom, I cannot tell you what a blessing that is to me and to my husband...You are helping to make our marriage stronger.

Here is what we call "mountain climbing"...Tyler climbes all over you if you let him.. Mom my found a funny pair of old glasses for Tyler to play with... she is wearing them here.

Mom, I would not and could not be the mom I am today without your support, love and care. I am so grateful to God for you, and for the friendship we share. You are such a dear friend to me, and I love you so very much. Thank you for all the sacrifices and time you have laid down for me and my family. We all love you so very much.


wonderfully said...

"" a tribute to my mom ""
what a beautiful entry of honor

thanks for sharing with us
the memories, laughters & joys
you both have shared with
tyler this year

. . . the PHOTOS just so capture
this wonderful first year
their special relationship & love

oh, what a joy!
oh, how grand this season!

our God is so good
our God is so kind

. . . i just love this blog
keep the PHOTOS coming

love, tracey campbell