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Christmas Weekend!!!

We have had a FULL weekend, as I am sure most families around the world have had as well!

Our little family of three began our festivities a day or two early, as we gave Tyler his gift from us Friday morning!!! He came down stairs with Dada to find a mountain of bricks!

At first he was quite unsure about them, but once Jordan began knocking them down and re-building everything, he jumped right in.

The first of many gifts this weekend for our boy...

Then Saturday night we went up to stay with my parents to celebrate Christmas with them and my sister and her husband. We started went to a favorite restaurant and just had a blast.

Then on the way home, my dad took us all on a tour of the local Christmas light displays (some of them were very impressive and some not so impressive at all) Here is Tyler in my parents sleigh- it is pulled by some cute reindeer.

Sunday morning was our families Christmas morning... but since I was the only one with a child, we were waiting for the rest of the adults to wake up and join us downstairs. My mom, who woke up at the crack of dawn, had found some of my old toys, and took them out for Tyler to play with while we waited. Did you have one of those?

And then the gift giving began! Tyler did great and we had a blast helping him open the gifts!

Here is Aunt Lala "eating" one of Tyler's toys.... he was sharing!

His favorite toy was, by far, his little piano. He has played with that toy the most so far. I really do think we have a musically inclined son. When I have anything on with music(the tv, cd's the radio), he starts to dance and bounce up and down and pays close attention to what is happening- but as soon as the song ends- you have lost his attention and the bouncing stops!

And then the naps began...

A little family picture before the Christmas Eve service at church!!

Christmas morning #2 we went to the Kauflin's house bright and early and celebrated the day with them. We started things off right with fresh baked cinnamon rolls... notice the babies faces... they had some too!

After all the gifts were given, Ethan and Jordan got into a paper ball fight! Ethan was using a box as a shield from Jordan's hard throws!

Then, while Tyler was exploring the house, he made his way into the piano room , where he stood up and began hitting the keys... a born musician I think.

We will see what the future holds for this one... maybe his inherited a little talent from Pop-Pop.

Little fingers, big keys...

After thinking about a comment made by a "Friend" that our son looks like a Hungarian Orphan because of his shaggy hair- I decided to try to give him a little hair cut...

After a wrestling match in the bathroom, and the rescue of Julie to finish the job I could not get done... we have a little boy with a big boy hair-do.

We hope your Christmas has been filled with as many memories and fun times as ours was!