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The past few weeks....

The past few weeks, we have been enjoying the last days of summer, anticipating the fall, and trying to get ourselves onto a bit of a schedule, all the while working on the house.... It has been so much fun. Here a few pictures of what we have been up to those past few weeks.

We went to our friends house a few times and swam in their heated pool... oh so nice.

Tyler MUST wear a life jacket while in the pool, as he thinks he can swim. He really is quite brave and would jump in without any hesitation!

This is him "swimming" by himself. I wasn't holding on to him, and he was kicking his little legs furiously! It only lasted a minute, and he began to sink, so I grabbed him, but he sure does like to try.
Tyler loves the guitar. Actually, he really loves all music... so when Jordan takes the guitar out, Tyler is drawn to it like a magnet. He was trying to play with Daddy.

And when I turn my back, he is quick to take it out of the case, and try playing on his own!

Meals have been a work in progress.... learning how to incorporate healthy foods, from all the food groups, while making sure Tyler eats enough to fill his little belly... and just like his daddy, he LOVES pasta! Jordan doesn't eat it like this though.

One handful at a time, while the fork I am trying to help him to use, lies abandoned on his tray.

We had a visit from my dad, Saba (grandpa in Hebrew). Tyler got some of his blue eyes from my dad (the other half of that contribution is Mimi- Jordan's Mom). My dad adores Tyler, and it is so sweet to see them play together.

So that has been the past few weeks....Hopefully I will get a chance to get house update pictures, belly updates (cause it is getting BIG), and what we have been up to recently on this blog this week!


michelle said...

ouch, he's holding on to saba's hair! :O)