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I had my 30 week check up this morning. Everything is progressing along smoothly. Little boy had a great heartbeat again, and was kicking the Doppler as we listened. I am measuring perfectly at 30 cm (my belly...) and have not gained any weight this past few weeks! So still at 13 lbs weight gain, which is just crazy to me. The Dr. said, that since my belly is growing, I must be loosing weight- which seems crazy, because I am still eating Double Cheeseburgers all the time! I did, however, lay off the Oreo's! Must be walking up and down the stairs holding Tyler, laundry... who knows!

Next appointment is in two weeks... and we are on the last leg of this journey! It has flown by!

Tyler's big boy room has been so much fun for me to work on... Below is the dresser we got off of Craig's List- pre-paint!

Notice the two different tones on the face of the dresser vs the top! I think it must have been sanded down at one point... so it really needed to be painted...

And after. It was so easy to paint... we got it done in one night. I love it!

And this is Tyler's room with the orange stripe all done....

And with the curtain I just got, and some sport appliqué stickers on the wall... When Tyler saw the wall, he squealed, "BBAAAAALLLLL." He loves his new room so far, and so do I! Who says having boys isn't just so much fun????

I just finished the last coats of paint on the bed (I hope) and plan on moving it over here this week.... we are praying for a smooth transition.... but we will keep you posted as to how that all goes!


britt said...

oh, tali! I love his room! The colors are so cool looking! and the dresser is amazing. what a deal. God is kind!

Nyah's Mommy said...

you look fabulous Tali! You'll have to thank your little number 2 for being so nice to you hehe. Hope everything goes smoothly for you...you'll have to tell me what its like to have a second one in the picture :)

Kelley Murphy said...

you look AMAZING!

rob and mary said...

great job w/ tyler's room...you put a lot of effort into making it a fun place for him!! good job w/ the furniture---it looks great!