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More Than I Deserve...

Again, I am being made aware of how I deserve so little and have been given so very much. Christmas Eve service was such a fresh reminder of why we celebrate this holiday season. We are rich indeed, being heir with the Savior. Gratefulness fills my heart today.

This Christmas day is no exception to the fact that I have been given MUCH more than I deserve... my family lavishly blessed us with a new computer! Our current computer has only 40G of memory total, so you can imagine with all the photos we have taken over the past two years, that memory is getting slim! We cannot believe how generous they are, and are so grateful for this gift. That was more than enough for us... Christmas should have ended there!

But then my husband surprised me with a new camera!!! Yup- I get to join those who have a Nikon D40. What a blessing and surprise. He knows how much I love to take pictures, and we have two adorable subjects to capture. I cannot believe it! He is so generous and has worked so hard to give me such a wonderful gift.

To make the camera even better, I was given a 18-135 mm lens this morning.... another undeserved gift! Hopefully I will learn to use it quickly and have many wonderful photos to share.


The day should have ended there... I already had been given much more than I ever thought or deserved. We shared gifts with family, got to see tears of joy and gratefulness.... the day had been pretty much perfect. Even with a tantrum or two from Tyler, the day has been amazing, and with the gospel in view, has been even better than I ever thought!

But wait... there is more.... The last gifts were being given... and all of a sudden I was handed a small box with my name on it, but no indication as to whom it was from... inside was the greatest surprise of all.... keys to a 2005....


Holy Cow, right??? What in the world....?!?!?!!? I still cannot believe it. Jordan found it last Thursday... it is everything we had wanted, and he got a deal from one of the dealerships he works at. When I opened the box, my heart stopped. I just could not believe it! What a blessing. I am undone. My husband... oh what a man he is, what a generous hard working man. I do not deserve such love and generosity.

So, I say all of this, not to boast in the blessings of the day, but to point back to our wonderful savior and King, who gives so much more than we deserve, starting with the gift of our salvation. All of the amazing things I have been given this holiday season, pale in comparison to the riches I have in Christ. I pray that today, you are able to say the same, as you reflect on his goodness to you.


Danielle Conner said...

You are one blessed Girl!!!That is some very exciting presents!!! Hope you enjoyed your day. You can come and take some pics of my girly and your boy with that nice new camera!
Love you and Merry Christmas!

rob and mary said...

wow tal...amazing christmas!!!!

Seth and Janet said...

WOW, what a guy! That is so exciting! :)

Merry Christmas Friend!

Mike & Sarah said...

Tali, it is a blessing to see how you turn your gratefulness into praise to God! Thank you, also, for the way you honor your husband so consistenly! You are a blessing and an example!