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2 years old!!!

My sweet boys turns 2 today! The time has flown by, and he is no longer a baby, but a little boy... He brings us so much joy, with his funny ways and delightful giggle. I cannot begin to imagine our life without him in it.

Tyler at the hospital- a few days old...

Hard to believe that two years ago, I was at the hospital hours away from meeting our first baby boy... and now, today, we are playing with play doh and singing songs. How the time flies.

Tyler at Mimi's house a few days ago...

We love him more and more each passing day- even on the tough days! It is funny the things that make your heart melt... his sweet face when he is kissing his baby brother, his little chubby hands, the way he calls my name in the morning... the way he runs, to the way he laughs... he is a treasure and we are so grateful!

Happy birthday my Big Boy!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!! you are such a gorgeous little boy, and i delight in the stories your mummy writes, maybe someday you and noah could have a very cool play date! lots of love and hugs to you and your mummy!!
luv Orinda

Danielle Conner said...

He has grown so much!!! I remember coming to see him in the hospital like it was yesterday!!! Time goes by so fst! Love you guys! Happy Birthday Tyler!!!