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Ahhh, the beach...

We are heading south today, well actually tonight.... after Jordan gets home from work, we are hitting the road and heading to the Outer Banks for a vacation with my family! We will be staying in Corolla for the first time, so I am so looking forward to getting to know that part of the OB.

I am so excited to see how Tyler and Jack do at the beach. Last year, Tyler LOVED the sand and the ocean, so I am really looking forward to seeing him be able to run around and play! It will be fun to see how Jack does, if he tries to eat the sand, or if he hates it.... I can't wait!

PLUS, my sister and her husband and new baby girl will be there!!!!! A true family vacation! Hard to believe that this time a year ago we were all in Italy together!!!

These two picts are from Tyler's first trip to the beach... crazy ehh? I was just looking back to when Tyler was a little younger than Jack when we went to the beach, and how much he has changed!!! So, I will make sure to take tons of pictures so that we can look back on these times and remember well the memories made and the good times shared! Back in a week!!