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Ahh Venice...

So, our next stop was Venice Italy, not Croatia! I mixed up the days. Venice was one of our favorite stops on the this journey. Although we were still pretty tired during the day, as we floated into the city, we were taken in by the beauty it holds.

This is the view from our room as we entered the city on the water.

Over looking the city...

This city is filled with boats! I have never seen anything like it!

A kiss to remember... I love this man...

So the first night in Venice, my wonderful parents sent Jordan and I out on a date night and watched Tyler for us! We went on an evening gondola ride, had a champagne dinner, and walked all around St. Marks Square...

On our gondola ride, we noticed traffic lights on the sides of the buildings.... and it suddenly hit me that the water ways were their roads, and without these lights, there must have been many an accident here and there.

There is a legend that if while on a gondola ride, you kiss under every bridge, your love will last forever.... so we gave it a shot! Although we only passed under 15 or so bridges, there are over 500 in the city!

On our ride...

The buildings all had lovely flowers hanging from the windows, it made the ride so romantic!

St. Marks Square was magical. There were musicians playing all over the place, playing classical and jazzy music at the cafes. It was so beautiful, and packed with people!

St. Marks Cathedral

The Square... it really is massive.

My cousin Jennifer and her husband Ivan

Me and my love

Our last view of the square by night... This really was a romantic, special night that I will not soon forget. We just strolled hand in hand, in good company, in one of the most romantic places in the world, and with full tummy's... you can't get much better than that!

So in the morning, we took the boy into the city. We had to take a boat from our ship to the city center, as the ship was way to big to go near the city. It was Tyler's first boat ride, and he loved it! Can you tell?

Walking around the city!

Napping in St. Marks Square... As you can see, Tyler spent a lot of the days napping!

So we sat at this nice cafe and just tried to take it all in. The city, the size of the place, the number of people there, and beauty...

Then Tyler woke up and discovered the flock of pigeons around... entertainment for hours!

The only two I see...

So Jordan got some seeds, and a bird actually landed on his hand to eat it!

First tastes of Gelato!

We walked around the city for a few hours, because we kind of got lost. The city has so many alleys and passageways, and bridges... it took us some time to make our way back to where we started!

We met up with family, and I got to hold a Prada bag, the closest I think I will ever come to real Prada!

We loved this city. It has such neat history about it.. from Plagues, to art, to the structure, and atmosphere... we learned so much about the people and the place. It was amazing to be there, and we would love to go back!

As we left Venice and headed out to the open sea again, we came into a little storm...

OK, now, next stop Dubrovnik Croatia!