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I had the privilege to take some photos of a sweet little boy this past Saturday. I wanted to share a little about him, so that if you have the time, you could say a little prayer for him on Tuesday. Little Eli was born when his mommy was just 26 weeks pregnant. He is having surgery tomorrow, to repair some of his intestines, and hopefully, when he has recovered, will be able to go home!

His mom has been spending every day at the hospital for the past 10 weeks! She and her husband are walking this tough time out with obvious peace and faith! I respect them so much for their example.

Little Eli was almost 5 lbs when I saw him on Saturday. He was big, compared to the 1 lb 15 oz he was born at! So tiny, and so precious. Here are just a few of the pictures I got! Please lift him and his family up today!


Joe & Rakel B. said...

Tali these are precious! I am sure they are going to be so happy to have them!! GREAT JOB!

orinda said...

you did a wonderful job capturing this special baby with his wonderful parents.... dont you just love them more!! good job tali!!

Kelley Murphy said...

I may be biased, but I think preemies are just so adorable. I am praying for little Eli today.

Sena said...

I will definitely be praying for Eli. Thanks for letting us know. The pics are BEAUTIFUL!!! What a blessing for the parents to have these to look back on when, Lord willing, this trial is behind them!

Mianna said...

Hey Tali! Your boys are too cute! Paul and I have a couple of our own now!
Well, just wanted to say hey -

Emily R. said...

Beautiful pictures you really captured the love that Mom and Dad have for the little guy!

Well done!!!!

grandma T said...

Tali, I never thanked you for the wonderful photo session with Jenny, Will and Eli. You captured their essence and that is love and faith. Blessings, Susan T (Grandma to Eli)