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.Happy Birthday.

Most of the world celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of the next today... remembering all the things that have happened and the things to come... We do that too, but it carries with it a little more sentimentality these past few years. For the past 3 New Years Eve's- we have also rejoiced in the gift of our little boy. He was born just an 1 hour and 8 minutes shy of the year 2006.... and we could not be more grateful to God for him.

My sweetie pie boy has had a big year this year, getting potty trained, going to the beach, making tons of memories, learning to have manners and becoming a little gentleman. He runs to open the door for me most places we go, and is pretty consistent at saying please and thank you, and he tries to "serve me" all day by doing things around the house for me and announcing that he is my "big special helper."

However, as wonderful as those things are, the most wonderful things we have seen develop in Tyler this past year are the eternal things... like learning to share with his brother, being kind and unselfish, learning to have self-control when he really really really wants to do what mommy has said no to. He has such a tender heart, always waking me up in the morning (sometimes in the wee early hours) with a gentle kiss on the cheek and touch on the face. One of my favorite things that he has learned this past year, is a song that Jordan wrote, "All I Have is Christ." He sings that song all day, and it has become the song we sing to him before bed, per his constant requests. It blesses me so much to hear him ask for Bible time and to sing and dance to the songs his daddy has written.

God has been so kind to us this year. There have been many moments of temptation in the midst of training as we are learning how to do this and instruct our son to be a man who fears the Lord, but oh the measure of Grace there has been for each day! I am amazed to see how, when I just have faith in God for parenting, what a joy it truly is! And having a sweetie pie like Tyler, makes the job so much more fun too.

Little boy, we love you so much and are so grateful for the many ways you bring joy to our hearts. Thank you for loving mommy and daddy and brother so much, for all the hugs and kisses you lavish on us, and for being such a teachable boy. Happy Birthday Peanut!

In order to get 1 decent picture of this crazy 3 year old.... we take a lot of this:


Jecholia said...

that is so sweet! His is such a handsome boy! And btw... "All I have is Christ" is one of my favorite songs. It is truly from the Holy Spirit! What a blessing!

Jecholia said...

He is* :)