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Baby Update!

I had my first appointment this past Monday, and it could not have gone better. I love to hear the baby's heart beat each visit, but there is something amazing about that first time! So far, my little one is looking good. This baby had a very strong heartbeat at 163 BPM. It is amazing to see how tiny they are at first. Here are the sono's I got to take home.

This pregnancy has been a bit different than the other two. I have been real nauseous for the past few weeks, much more than with the boys. And it started much earlier (like 5 weeks) where as with the boys, I did not feel sick at all until the end of week 7! And this sickness has been much stronger than with the boys. It has me in a rough place from around 3 pm- bedtime. Generally, during the day, I am just real tired. But all of these symptoms are happy symptoms, and I am grateful that the little one in my womb is growing! Praise God for new life!

We told Tyler about the baby, and he is so curious and wants to see the sonogram all of the time. He talks about our baby a lot, which is just so sweet to me. He keeps kissing my tummy and telling me he has a baby too.

And I am hoping for another fit pregnancy like with Jack and not like with Ty. So far, I am in the same weight I was with Jack and I think if the nausea keeps up, I will likely stay in this place! We will see! Every pregnancy is different, so I am just hoping to avoid all the junk food that sounds good most of the time!

So that's it for baby news for now. I will post a "move" update soon!


Carolyn Honea said...

Hi Tali,

Taking vitamin B complex really helped my nausea and energy levels. You can check with your doctor/midwife or search online, but generally between 50-150mg is recommended for morning sickness, preferably in a timed release capsule. If you try it let me know if it helps you!!