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Life since the move...

This update is kind of backwards, moving from latest to oldest... sorry BUT: Here is the latest from life in the basement:

Well, I guess since this IS baby #3, I shouldn't be too surprised to see a little bump sooner than later. Although, I KNOW that it isn't baby we are seeing, but more a relocation of my chubby tummy. My little 1-inch long baby is pushing what was once nicely flat to the subtly pooched out position. So when someone told me I was "showing" I am happy to say, that yes, I guess I am! It doesn't help matters, that I have such a short torso, that there really is no where for any changes to go, but out!!! Still pretty sick in the evenings, but hoping that all clears up in a few weeks.

My boys seem to becoming more and more playmates, than just in each other's way. I think sharing a room has been good for them, and I look forward to seeing the fruit of it a year from now.
mmmm, sweeet boy...

looking at his momma.... love him.

The day after we moved in was Easter Sunday, and we had a relaxing afternoon at our new home. The kids did an Easter Egg Hunt too, which is ALWAYS a big hit. This year Tyler really got excited when he found eggs.

So, the boys are adjusting to our new home. They love playing in the backyard, and especially anything that has water on it. I have found them both silently splashing together many a time.

My sweet little chubber.

The weekend of the move, my parents graciously took Tyler and Jack for two nights, so we could get things done. What a huge blessing that turned out to be. Once we were all settled in (as much as can be done the day of the move) they brought the boys over. Tyler could not be more excited! He was so happy about sleeping in a bunk bed and his new room.

The day of the move was a nasty cold rainy day. We are so grateful for the friends that came, even the ones that got there late and just sat around...

It was so strange seeing my home all emptied like this. It went from cozy, to covered in boxes, to empty. Weird.

It was a little overwhelming to get everything put away and set up, but the basement has been so much more a home than I thought it was going to be. It is actually more cozy that I could have imagined, and we are adjusting quiet well. Even the boys are sleeping well in the same room. God is kind, and I am so grateful for the grace for each day and our new "home."

More to come!


Lindsey Knott said...

I know the feeling Tali...it can be shocking, joyful, overwhelming, exciting and sad all at the same time to leave a home full of so many memories :) So happy for you all and baby number three. Where ever you are, the Lord is there with you and where He is (and your boys) THERE will be "home" always. Miss you guys.

Debbie said...

Hi Tali,

I am so excited for all God has for you in this unique season! Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us.

What is your due date? Were you right with your guess about how far along you are? Didn't you go early with both of the boys?

Such a fun season!