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Trip to California- Part 1

This is part one of a multi-part post! It is also a LONG time coming! My love took me away to California for our 5 year anniversary back in the middle of May! We had some friends, who were going to be out of town and offered for us to stay at their home and use their car while they were gone. We really couldn't pass it up! So we packed up the kids and sent them off with grandma! Off we went for 4 delicious child-free days!

Our first day, we had a VERY full day. We got up early and headed to Napa Valley to tour a vineyard. After much discussion, we decided on Rubicon Estate. We loved it! Not only was the drive out there absolutely amazing, but the vineyard itself was pretty much perfection. Here are some pictures from the valley and the vineyard.

This was the entrance to the estate house... nice huh?The estate house.
Just a small portion of the 1600 acres of vines they have growing there.

Olive trees everywhere.

My love and I.

Inside the estate house. It is now owned by Francis Ford Coppola.

We took a special tour that took us down to the vines (the other tours wont let you touch the vines without a guide). They told us how vines are grafted, grown, and a lot about the wine making process. The grounds were something out of a movie.

On our way out of Napa Valley, we ate at a mountain top restaurant, and then just drove around the Napa area for a while. The landscape was just amazing...

One thing we had hoped to do, but weren't sure how we would fit it in, was to see some redwood trees. The National Redwood Forest was 5 hours north of where we were staying, but our hosts found a smaller forest much closer to where we were, and happened to be on the way back from Napa Valley. So we stopped at Muir Woods and hiked a little over 2 miles around the lush forest. It was amazing. So quiet, so peaceful, and so massive! I tried to capture a little of the size of these trees, but my pictures just do not do it justice!

On our way out of the forest, we saw some signs for the Muir Beach Overlook. We decided to take a chance and go for a drive and see where it led us! That was one nice thing about being child free! And boy, are we so glad we did! The coast line was amazing! We parked in the overlook lot, and came around the bend to find this!

Notice, Jordan is wearing a jacket.... we went from tanks and t's to sweaters and coats in a matter of seconds! The air was so cold on top of this cliff, and the fog was beginning to roll in... I was so surprised at the temperature difference! But it was so worth shivering for the views!

This ends part one.... no promises on when the next installment will come... but I will promise that it will come! And a belly picture too!!!


Evy said...

LOVE that picture of you guys kissing between the redwoods! Beautiful!