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way behind...

I am so bad at posting these days. There are just so many other things vying for attention most of the time, that I get so far behind in pictures and life! I am glad to report that after a tough 1st trimester of nausea, I am feeling SO much better! So, now the only thing keeping me down is fatigue (which I think is a state of existence of mothers of small children) and the occasional cold!

We have filled our days with loads of outings and playgroups and trips to California and North Carolina! I think we are staying in MD for the next few months, so no big things on the calendar, but soaking up this wonderful weather we have been having.

So.... what is new... well, not too much. Baby is growing, the boys are now trying to wrestle... which is cute and scary at the same time... life is just blessed and rich. We are all adjusting to our new home, and it has been so much better than I could have expected! So, here are some picts of the kids from the past few weeks. They range from our backyard, to Jordan's Alumni baseball game, to playgroup. Hopefully I will get the picts from Cali done soon to share too!


tessa said...

Tali, I'm not sure you know just how gorgeous your kiddos are. Seriously, you two make some genuine cuteness! Can't wait to see just how beautiful new baby will be ;)

Ali and Josh Deckard said...

So glad the sickness is going away! Happy 2nd trimester!