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.4 years old.

It is still amazing to me, the way my life changed 4 years ago. This sweet special boy made his entrance into our lives 3 weeks early and on New Years Eve to add a little extra special meaning to his birthday! I can hardly remember life before I was a mommy to him, and am more aware of the kindness of God in giving us this little man to raise up.

Tyler, we love all the unique things that make you who you are, and cannot wait to see how the Lord uses those things as you grow up. Thank you for being so others focused, and always asking how our day was, and for smothering us in kisses and hugs, for wanting to be with us all of the time, and still thinking we are the coolest people in the world. Thank you for always telling me how much you love me, and for being honest. I love how deeply you feel things, and how thoughtful and caring you are. I love the way you seek to reason through things, and the moments of brilliance that shine when you are focused. I love the way you have become a big brother and helper to me and your brothers. I love the way you love music, and church and your family. You bring me so much joy! I love you big boy!


orinda said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler..... Hard to believe our sweet boys are 4!!! Hope you have a fab year and your family is beautiful!