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.details and coming home.

This post has been in progress for several days now, and as you can imagine, I am finding it difficult to find time to sit at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time these days!

When I look back to 10 days ago, I can still vividly remember most of the details, unlike the births of my other boys, which seemed like a big blur in my memory. So, for those of you interested, and for my ailing forgetful brain, here is the birthday story of Dylan Michael Kauflin. (fyi... it's a little long)

I was up at 4 am, my head was congested and I just couldn't sleep. Although our boys were sleeping over at Grandma's house, and I had no reason to be awake, my mind was just whirling. I tried to go back to bed and by 5:30 I fell asleep again. We called the hospital at 6 to see if they had a room for us, and sure enough, we were set to go. After a quick McDonalds stop, we arrived at the hospital a little after 7 am.
To Jordan and my great surprise, we were back in a delivery room within 30 minutes of arriving and I was in a gown and getting an IV by 8:15! This was VERY unlike my induction with Jack- we did not even get into a room until 10 and nothing was started until noon. So when the nurse began my Pitocin drip at 8:30, I was in shock! So off we went to get this labor started. I started at 3 cm and 80% effaced, -1 station.

By 9:30 my contractions were not consistent or painful, so the Dr. broke my water. As with all three babies now, I have labored with my water broken from the start. The nurse upped my Pitocin yet again, and we waited for hard labor to kick in. While we waited, our dear friends and pastors, Gary and Betsy Ricucci stopped by and visited for about an hour. Still having contractions, but they were not really painful yet- distracting, but not hurting me! So the nurse upped the Pitocin again...

After the Ricucci's left, my contractions started to get harder, so I had wanted try using a birthing ball, and so we went on over and sat for a good 2 hours. This was when the contractions really started to be intense, and although they were strong, with the help of my love, I was able to focus and breathe through them.... until they upped my Pitocin AGAIN. By this point, the dosage was up to 14 mu/min (with the max dosage being 20mu/min). So things were getting intense. I kept thinking, if I am progressing well, then I think I can do this to the end.... but that is when the shakes came and I threw up...

So shortly after that, the nurse came in and told me I was only 4 cm and 90% effaced. I was crushed that after all that, I had only progressed 1 cm! So since I was feeling nauseous again, Jordan lovingly encouraged me to get the epidural. So the Dr. came in around 1 pm to give me epidural, and let me tell you, it is hard to sit still and not move an inch when you are having a contraction and feel like throwing up!

After I got the epi, I was still feeling a lot of the contractions, especially really low. I was feeling them so much, after a short reprieve, I was back to breathing through them. So the Dr. gave me another shot of epi. The pitocin was turned down at this point, as the nurse was concerned that I was having to breathe through so many contractions still.

The pain was manageable, so I sent Jordan to get some lunch around 2 pm. The nurse was with me and about 10 minutes after Jordan left, I was sick again and throwing up. It was not pleasant! The Dr. came in again and gave me a mini dose of epidural again and by this time, I was still feeling the contractions, but my bum was dead to the world!

Dr. Apgar came in around 2:20 to check on things, and Jordan walked in right behind him. Dr. A smiled and told us that I was 10 cm and 100% and the baby was at +2 station... NO wonder I was feeling so much pain.... it had been time to push for a little while....

Because the Dr. thought I would have difficulty with shoulder distocia again, he went out to gather assistance if it be needed, while I pushed a few times with Jordan and the nurse. The baby crowned after 10 minute, and Dr. A was not in the room... so we waited... and he finally came. One push later Dylan's head came, and then I had to stop again, in case the shoulder was stuck, but PRAISE GOD, it was not at all, and Dylan slid right out... all 9 lbs of him!

Seriously, I was in shock that I had just delivered at 9 lb baby. So, yeah, I am really glad I got induced and did not wait for him to come on his own. 9lbs is enough baby for me to carry and get out! After I delivered, my uterus had a hard time clamping down and they were concerned about how much blood I was loosing. So they gave me a shot of something that made me have more contractions and mashed my tummy every 15 minutes to see how things were going. This was miserable and lasted almost 2 hours, until they finally deemed that I was indeed not hemorrhaging. I did loose a lot of blood though and was deemed anemic. Taking iron for that now.

Recovery was good, the private rooms are the best, and I fell in love with my boy that first night. Once we were discharged and ready to go, I was so excited for the boys to meet their new little brother.

They have simply adored him, showering him with kisses and hugs, and cars and toys... they are still learning to be gentle and quiet, but overall, they have been great big brothers so far. Jack seems enormous to me now though and I can hardly believe I held him ON TOP of my belly when I was pregnant!

Me and my boys.... wow....

So far, little boy likes to be up at night and sleep all day, so we are working on switching those around... I am pretty tired, but there has been an abundance of grace and I am so enjoying this time with my new baby.


Charisa said...

That first pic of you still pregnant looks humanly impossible... perhaps photoshop to make you look so big?! hahaha.

You look so gorgeous. I tried to look as pretty as you in my shots after my girls were born but alas... negative. You look fabulous and the boys are rockstars!

tessa said...

hello tali! just need to say way-to-go on laboring on that 14mu pit! totally feel your pain on that. epidurals are major grace ;)
you really look so beautiful holding your new little guy. what any amazing gift - three little boys! :)