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Our little vacation

A little over due, as usual....


We had the privilege to travel to the Bahamas with a couple from our church back in January. Jordan and I had been meeting with them, doing their pre-marital counseling, and when they asked if Jordan would marry them, we had no idea we would be going on a destination wedding with them. We were thrilled to be able to go, and the Lord brought some work my way, that helped us be able to afford this trip. He is so kind. We were so excited to have some time away without the kiddos. Even though the travel took forever, we were just so relaxed and happy to be there.


I took loads of pictures, but if I waited until I got them all just the way I wanted, they would stay in my folders on my computer forever. Here are a few from the island...

Oh, yes, and the real reason we were there... Joel and Shana got married!! It was so beautiful and so much fun.


ah, but preparing for the trip was a lot more work than I had planned. Jack was on steroids while we were gone. My heroic mom took care of him for us. So kind. The days leading up to our departure, I spent packing up the kids, who went to two locations and prepared ton of meds for Jack. It is amazing how much we just do... Like how much of his medical care has become so normal, and it is only when I am giving it off to someone else, when I realize it is just a little complicated!! Jack was well taken care of while we were gone, as were Tyler and Dylan, who were with Jordan's parents.


Jordan and I had so much fun. Just being able to come and go as we pleased, sleep in, talk without interruption...sweet times. We were pretty stoked to be there. It was a lavish kindness from the Lord, and we were so grateful.



C. said...

Are you kidding me?!?! That's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I'm just so, so glad you guys got away... to something sorta like paradise. Love you!