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.requesting prayer for today.

Today is yet another treatment day at the clinic! We go in once a month for IV Chemo and blood counts. Today is also the start of Jack's monthly 5 days of steroids. The past 3 months, these visits have been harder for Jack than before, because of his new port. He has grown in fear of these visits, each time I tell him we are going to the Dr. he cries.

We love the port, as daily life is so much better than when he had his tubie, but the times when it has to be accessed is really scary for him. We put numbing cream on it, so I do not think he is feeling much pain when they put the needle in it. I just think he is scared. Who wouldn't be, when your mommy has to restrain your arms legs, and head and a nurse is coming at you with a giant needle?

As soon as the process begins, he starts crying, begging me to stop holding his hands and let go of him. So, as you can imagine, I really do not like these times. So please pray for my little buddy today. We go in at 11 am and hopefully he will have his port accessed soon after that. And pray for grace for the next week of steroids and its awful havoc it wreaks on his body.

Another month down, only 36 more to go! Thanks for praying!


christy said...

Praying for you, Tali!

Hilary said...

Praying Tali, love you my dear friend. As your mind is stayed on Him may you be kept in perfect peace, free of anxiety as you care for Jackers in the midst of these treatments this week. Sending big, tight hugs your way today!