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treatment day

Tomorrow is Jack's treatment day. We are going in a week earlier than the normal schedule, because otherwise he would be all juiced up on steroids on his birthday and Thanksgiving next week, a not so happy scenario for anyone. So because there is some flexibility in his schedule, we are going in tomorrow.


Our appointment is at 10:30, and likely we will get out of the clinic by 1 or so. It seems that we really do not get out of there in anything under 3 hours. Seems the norm for out-patient visits, the average being 4 hours.

Gladly, this is just for a blood draw to get labs and receive his IV Chemo, which means we can bring all the snacks a little boy could ask for! His counts have been on the high side for the past couple visits, so I think he may end up getting an increase in the dosage. The last time the Dr.'s increased his meds (last March), the dosage was too high and he really suffered from it (hospitalized for 10 days in April). I feel this time, that I can say no to the Dr.'s if I feel the dosage is too much. I am praying the Lord give me much discernment and wisdom tomorrow as we discuss these things.

As always, Jack hates to get his port accessed, and it is always a tear filled fight. Another prayer request, is that we get a good nurse to do the procedure. We have had some really great nurses, who have managed to place the needle in his port in seconds, and we have also had some shaky handed nurses that just do not do a good job. So always, praying for the right nurse for us tomorrow.

And lastly, Jack has come to dread these trips. As do I. But there is grace, always grace. I look forward to experiencing more grace, with fresh mercies from the loving hand of the Lord.