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In just a few short months

In just a few short months, Tyler has grown significantly! Yesterday, I went to the hospital to visit with Megan and their new baby. We put Tyler next to his new cousin and the difference was amazing. It is hard to believe that just a few short months ago he was around the same weight and length. He looked like a big boy next to her!

He has gone from this.... so small he could fit in one arm!

To this..... so tiny in his daddy's hands

To this.... my big boy!!!

It just amazes me how fast they grow. People always tell you to savor these moments, because they grow up so fast.... man is that true! Posted by Picasa


Beth Techtmann said...

Hey, Tali! It's me -- Beth! Your boy is indeed cute and getting so big. What a blessing from the Lord!!! Noah is less than a month from being a whole year old ... it's incredible. (Oh, by-the-by, I wandered on here through Hemi's Xanga, which I found through Michelle DeCarlo's which is linked from Kurt West's site -- thought you might appreciate the explanation.) Anyway, I'd love to see Tyler and Noah hang out some time! Isn't it weird that we are mommies who can arrange playdates? :) Be blessed!

mrs. c said...

dear tali -

the days are long . . .
yet, the years are short.

enjoyeachday there - love, mrs.c