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My two favoirtie guys

I love these guys. I just adore them both. There are just so many things that I love about them, and I know I could bore you by writing them all out here for you to read... but I will not do that. Instead, I will tell you a few ways how they have changed my life and how God is using them in serious ways to make me more like his son. Here is a little tribute to my two favorite guys.

Being a wife has helped me to see what it means to be a servant. Daily I have the choice to serve me or others. I have the privilege and high calling to love and honor this man. The Lord has abundantly blessed me by giving me a husband like Jordan. He is my perfect match. And even though I am completely in love with this wonderful man, I still have to make a choice to daily serve him, and put his needs above my own. By God's grace, this task fills me with joy.

As for being a mommy, well, it is the best job on earth! When I am faced with the decision to serve me or serve Tyler... well, he usually makes that decision an easy one. He lets me know when he need something with the loudest voice in the house! Yet again, I find delight in serving my son. God has given me joy in the little things, like changing diapers, and cleaning messes, soothing away tears, and making my boy laugh!

However, it is not just the doing of these tasks where these two guys have made my life different, but the heart changes they have brought on that is behind them. I have learned that my heart must be postured as that of a servant, like Christ. It cannot start with actions, as I have tried on so many days. I have to have an accurate view of myself before the Lord, and the role he assigned me. And in doing these things, my two favorite guys become ever more dear to my heart.

I count it all joy and give praise and glory to God for the work he has done in my heart and life that enable me to even think this way. It is all his work, and all praise goes to him! Ad he has greatly blessed my life with these two wonderful guys. Posted by Picasa


Jon's Michelle said...

He is SO cute! I loved "catching up" via your blog :O)

mary g said...

tali---as always i love the pics of cutie boy tyler, but the pic of you and jordan is so great!! i almost want to hang it on my wall. and your comments on being a wife/mother are great for me to hear. love ya girl :)